Meeting Documents

Napa Sanitation District: 2/2/2022


Approval/Correction of Minutes from the Regular Meeting on January 12, 2022.

Supporting Documents
A Draft Minutes 2022-01-22 ( Adobe PDF - 170 kb )


Receive County of Napa Invoice Register for December 2021.

Supporting Documents
A Invoice Register ( Adobe PDF - 138 kb )
B US Bank Charges ( Adobe PDF - 149 kb )
C Budget Amendments ( Adobe PDF - 400 kb )


Reconfirm Findings (a), (b) and (d) of Resolution 21-021 Authorizing Remote Meetings Pursuant to Emergency Procedures under the Brown Act.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution 21-021 ( Adobe PDF - 81 kb )


Award the construction contract for the North Napa Siphon Gate Replacement Project (CIP 21718) to Terracon Constructors, Inc. for the bid amount of $297,727 and authorize the General Manager to execute the agreement with the contractor and issue the Notice to Proceed, when appropriate.

Supporting Documents
A CIP 21718 Bid Results ( Adobe PDF - 135 kb )
B Project Location Map ( Adobe PDF - 256 kb )


Accept the Saratoga Vineyards Subdivision sanitary sewer improvements for maintenance and operation and release performance bond in the amount of $258,640, following receipt of maintenance bond for the public sanitary sewer improvements in the amount of $25,864.

Supporting Documents
A Area Map ( Adobe PDF - 1925 kb )


Receive General Manager's Report for December, 2021.

Supporting Documents
A General Manager's Report for December 2021 ( Adobe PDF - 669 kb )


Receive presentation from staff and Carollo Engineers on the recycled water rate study.

Supporting Documents
A Carollo Presentation ( Adobe PDF - 373 kb )


Discuss potential refunding of the Certificates of Participation, Series 2012A and receive presentation from NapaSan's municipal advisors, KNN Public Finance.

Supporting Documents
A KNN Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 337 kb )


Authorize an increase of change order signing authority for the General Manager from $500,000 (2.4% of original contract) to a maximum of $1,000,000 (4.8% of original contract) for the Browns Valley Trunk Project (CIP 14703) for a potential total approved contract amount of $21,507,752.

Supporting Documents
A NapaSan Code Section 2.03.030 ( Adobe PDF - 113 kb )
B Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 353 kb )


Finance Committee meeting (1/24/2022)