Meeting Documents

Napa Sanitation District: 11/3/2021


Introduction of New  Employee Kimberly Perry, Administrative Assistant; and Congratulate Gabe Snook on Promotion to Operations Supervisor and Steve Caldwell on Promotion to Collection System Supervisor.


Approval/Correction of Minutes from the Regular Meeting on October 6, 2021.

Supporting Documents
A Draft Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 170 kb )


Receive County of Napa Invoice Register for July through September 2021.

Supporting Documents
A Invoice Register ( Adobe PDF - 326 kb )
B US Bank Charges ( Adobe PDF - 141 kb )
C Budget Amendments ( Adobe PDF - 417 kb )


1. Accept the Stanly Ranch sanitary sewer and recycled water improvements for maintenance and operation and release performance bonds, following receipt of a maintenance bond.

2. Authorize the General Manager to execute and record a quitclaim deed to quitclaim two Deferred Improvement Agreements (2013-0023066, 2013-0023067).

Supporting Documents
A Project Map ( Adobe PDF - 1380 kb )
B Deferred Improvement Agreement - Sanitary Sewer ( Adobe PDF - 681 kb )
C Deferred Improvement Agreement - Recycled Water ( Adobe PDF - 708 kb )
D Quitclaim Deed ( Adobe PDF - 74 kb )


Authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute Task Order 39 with Carollo to provide professional services for the Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Reduction Program (CIP 13705) for collection system flow monitoring and I&I reconnaissance in the amount of $213,200.

Supporting Documents
A Task Order 39 ( Adobe PDF - 387 kb )


Authorize an increase of change order signing authority for the General Manager from $69,412 (81.2% of original contract) to a maximum of $88,512 (103.6% of original contract) for the 2021 MST Recycled Water Meter Installation Project (CIP 22719) for a potential total approved contract amount of $173,910.

Supporting Documents
A District Code Section 2.03.02 ( Adobe PDF - 623 kb )


Receive General Manager's Report for September, 2021.

Supporting Documents
A General Manager's Report for September 2021 ( Adobe PDF - 793 kb )


Staff and Woodard & Curran will present a status update on the Climate Change Plan for review, discussion, and input from the Board.

Supporting Documents
A Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 683 kb )


Receive presentation from staff on October 2021 storm event and response efforts.

Supporting Documents
A Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 2194 kb )


Approve the project, concur with staff's determination that the project is categorically exempt, and authorize the General Manager to issue Notice Inviting Bids for the 2022 Collection System Rehabilitation Project (CIP 21701).

Supporting Documents
A Notice of Exemption ( Adobe PDF - 5470 kb )
B Project Map ( Adobe PDF - 1964 kb )
C Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 1589 kb )


Receive communications and outreach program update from staff and provide direction. 

Supporting Documents
A Communications and Outreach Program Update Presentation ( Adobe PDF - 1966 kb )


Receive update from staff on Cityworks implementation and provide direction.


Introduce ordinance amending District Code relating to Section 2.01.010, compensation of Directors, reading Title and waiving First Reading.

Supporting Documents
A Ordinance - Redline Version ( Adobe PDF - 114 kb )
B Ordinance - Clean Version ( Adobe PDF - 86 kb )


Receive presentation from staff on Utility of the Future Today recognition.

Supporting Documents
A Utility of the Future Today - Certificate ( Adobe PDF - 73 kb )
B Utility of the Future Today - Recognition List ( Adobe PDF - 91 kb )


Groundwater Sustainability Plan Advisory Committee (GSPAC) (10/14/21)