Meeting Documents

Napa Sanitation District: 12/2/2020


Approval/Correction of Minutes from the Regular Meeting on November 18, 2020.

Supporting Documents
A Draft minutes ( Adobe PDF - 53 kb )


Receive County of Napa Voucher Register Dated 11/03/20 through 11/16/20.

Supporting Documents
A Voucher Register ( Adobe PDF - 127 kb )
B Budget Transfer ( Adobe PDF - 100 kb )


Accept the Capacity Charges Financial Report for FY 2019/20.

Supporting Documents
A Capacity Charge Report ( Adobe PDF - 128 kb )


Approve the Project and concur with staff's determination that the Recycled Water Meter Replacement Project (CIP 20722) is categorically exempt.

Supporting Documents
A Notice of Exemption ( Adobe PDF - 143 kb )


Accept The Watermark at Napa Valley sanitary sewer improvements for maintenance and operation and release performance bond in the amount of $93,050 following receipt of a maintenance bond in the amount of $9,305.

Supporting Documents
A Project Location Map ( Adobe PDF - 852 kb )


Receive General Manager's Report for October, 2020.

Supporting Documents
A General Manager's Report for October 2020 ( Adobe PDF - 662 kb )


Award the construction contract (base bid plus bid alternates) for the 2021 Collection System Rehabilitation Project (CIP 20703) to KJ Woods Construction, Inc. for the bid amount of $4,918,000 and authorize the General Manager to execute the Agreement with the Contractor and issue the Notice to Proceed, when appropriate.

Supporting Documents
A Bid Results ( Adobe PDF - 145 kb )
B Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 526 kb )


Authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute a task order with Psomas to provide construction management services for the 2021 Collection System Rehabilitation Project (CIP 20703) in the amount of $120,070.

Supporting Documents
A Psomas Task Order 35 ( Adobe PDF - 235 kb )


Approve the project, concur with staff's CEQA determination, and authorize the General Manager to issue Notice Inviting Bids for the Pond Levee Maintenance Project (CIP 20707)

Supporting Documents
A CEQA Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 143 kb )
B Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 4851 kb )


Adopt Resolution approving and adopting the new pay schedules for FY 2020-21, effective July 11, 2020.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution Adopting Pay Rates for FY 2020-21 ( Adobe PDF - 39 kb )
B Salary Schedule for Fiscal Year 2020-21 ( Adobe PDF - 167 kb )