Meeting Documents

Napa Sanitation District: 11/18/2020


Approval/Correction of Minutes from the Special Meeting on October 29, 2020 and the Regular Meeting on November 4, 2020.

Supporting Documents
A Draft Special Meeting Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 41 kb )
B Draft Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 51 kb )


Receive County of Napa Voucher Register Dated 10/20/20 through 11/02/20.

Supporting Documents
A Voucher Register ( Adobe PDF - 148 kb )
B US Bank Charges ( Adobe PDF - 100 kb )


Concur with CEQA determination in City of Napa Resolution R2019-092, prepared and adopted by the City of Napa, lead agency under CEQA for the development project; set bond amount at $156,050; and authorize Chair to sign the Improvement Agreement and Private Main Agreement for Foster Road Townhomes.

Supporting Documents
A CEQA Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 2060 kb )
B Improvement Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 774 kb )
C Private Main Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 461 kb )


Receive and file the Quarterly Report and Priority Project Status for July, August, September 2020.

Supporting Documents
A Quarterly Report ( Adobe PDF - 466 kb )


Receive presentation from staff and consultant on the sewer service rate study, provide direction, and accept the rate report, as appropriate.

Supporting Documents
A 2020 Cost of Service Study ( Adobe PDF - 1902 kb )


Authorize the General Manager to issue Notice Inviting Bids for the 66-inch Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project: Kaiser Road to SWRF (CIP 19701).

Supporting Documents
A Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 820 kb )


Adopt resolution to approve financing team and authorize certain other actions in connection with the issuance and sale of revenue certificates of participation for 66-inch trunk main rehabilitation project.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 16 kb )
B Bond Counsel Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 32 kb )
C Municipal Advisor PSA ( Adobe PDF - 3080 kb )
D KNN Fee Memo and Scope of Svcs ( Adobe PDF - 126 kb )


Receive status report on the Browns Valley Trunk (CIP 14703) and the West Napa Pump Station (17711) Projects for the month of October 2020.

Supporting Documents
A Presentation Slides ( Adobe PDF - 1318 kb )


North Bay Watershed Association (11/06/20)


Groundwater Sustainability Plan Advisory Committee (GSPAC) (11/12/20)