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Board of Supervisors 2/1/2005 Regular Meeting

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Acting Director of Health and Human Services requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign the renewal of Agreement No. 5069, a Memorandum of Understanding with the Special Education Local Plan Area/Local Education Agency (SELPA), for the term February 1, 2005 through August 31, 2005 clarifying respective roles and responsibilities of SELPA and Napa County.


Acting Director of Health and Human Services requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign the renewal of Agreement No. 6001 with the California Department of Mental Health for the term July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005 establishing the county’s state hospital bed purchase and usage for this fiscal year.  


Acting Director of Health and Human Services requests approval of Budget Transfer No. 52 appropriating $25,528 in the Public Health budget with offsetting revenues from the State Department of Tuberculosis Control to fund the development of a tuberculosis control plan for Napa County. (4/5 vote required)


Acting Director of Health and Human Services requests approval to establish Safely Surrendered Baby sites at all fire stations in the County.

Supporting Documents
A Safely Surrender Sites ( Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - 20 kb )


Director of Public Works requests approval of plans and specifications for the "Napa County Airport Perimeter Fencing Phase II Project,” PW 04-12, authorization to advertise for sealed bids and opening of the bids at a time, date and location to be published by the Director of Public Works pursuant to Section 20150.8 of the Public Contract Code.

Supporting Documents
A Perimeter Fence Phase I and II ( Adobe PDF Document - 27 kb )


Director of Public Works requests the following actions relating to the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Bay Trail Project for grant construction of approximately 760 feet along Cuttings Wharf Road from the end of the newly constructed bike lane to the boat launch facility on the Napa River:

  1. Adoption of a resolution authorizing approval of a contract and conditions for accepting grant funds from ABAG for construction of the Bay Trail Project;   
  2. Approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign the Construction Grant Agreement with ABAG for the disbursement of the grant funding for the term from its effective date of execution through December 31, 2034; and
  3. Approval of Budget Transfer No. 58 appropriating $80,000 in the Roads Department budget with offsetting revenues from ABAG.  (4/5 vote required)

Supporting Documents
A CW Bike Lane Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 29 kb )


Director of Public Works/Aviation requests adoption of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program methodology and goal for Fiscal Year 2005 for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded projects.


County Counsel requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign Amendment No. 3 to Agreement No. 4761 with the law firm of Trucker Huss increasing the hourly rates to be charged in the provision of legal advice involving tax and employee benefit matters to the County.


County Executive Officer requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign an agreement with John Pearson for a maximum of $18,000 for the term February 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005 for assistance with the development of the Adult Correctional System Master Plan and associated compilation and interpretation of data.


County Executive Officer and Clerk of the Board request transfer of unclaimed monies totaling $360.78 currently held in the Clerk of the Board Trust Deposit Trust Funds to the General Fund.


County Executive Officer/Director of Emergency Services requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Volunteer Center of Napa County to provide assistance with coordination of volunteers when requested during disaster situations.


County Executive Officer/Director of Emergency Services requests adoption of a resolution approving the final Disaster Mitigation Act 2000 Napa Operational Area Pre-disaster Hazard Mitigation Plan dated December 2004.

Supporting Documents
A FEMA Approval Letter ( Adobe PDF Document - 101 kb )
B Resolution - approving Plan ( Microsoft Word Document - 27 kb )


Second reading and adoption of an ordinance making technical changes to Chapters 3.06 (Low Value Escape Assessments), 8.04 (Retail Food Facilities), 8.08 (Clean Indoor Air and Health Protection), 8.32 (Fire Zone Regulations), 10.24 (Special Events on Public Roadways), 13.04 (Approved Water Supply Systems), 13.28 (System Location and Soil Characteristics), 15.08 (Building and Excavation Permits), 16.12 (Surface Mining and Reclamation), and 17.36 (Improvement Standards) of the Napa County Code..
ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: General Rule. It can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility the proposed action may have a significant effect on the environment and therefore CEQA is not applicable [See Guidelines For the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act, 14 CCR 15061(b)(3)].

Supporting Documents
A Final Ordinance ( Microsoft Word Document - 98 kb )


Approve minutes of the meeting held January 11, 2005.

Supporting Documents
A Minutes of January 11, 2005. ( Microsoft Word Document - 71 kb )


Director of Conservation, Development and Planning requests adoption of a resolution approving a Negative Declaration for the South Napa Homeless Shelter. 

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 43 kb )
B Initial Study - Draft Negative Declaration ( Microsoft Word Document - 468 kb )
C Location Map and Project Plans ( Adobe PDF Document - 1989 kb )


Consideration and possible adoption of a resolution establishing fees for certain services provided by Adult and Juvenile Probation.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 36 kb )

Recess to the Napa County Flood Protection and Watershed Improvement Authority (NCFPWIA) special meeting (See NCFPWIA Agenda).


Director of Public Works requests the following actions relating to the implementation of the Water Resources Work Plan approved December 14, 2004:

  1. Approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign Amendment No. 5 to Agreement No. 4202 with the Napa County Flood Protection and Watershed Improvement Authority (NCFPWIA), increasing the amount of Measure A funds by $958,000 for a new maximum of $1,934,054 and extending the term through June 30, 2006 to develop a project scope and funding plan for a future Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay recycled water project and a master plan for possible future Angwin/Deer Park community water supply reliability improvements; and
  2. Approval of Budget Transfer No. 49 appropriating $52,000 in the Capital Improvement budget with offsetting revenues from the County's share of Measure A funds. (4/5 vote required)


County Executive Officer requests adoption of a resolution authorizing certain documents and actions related to the refinancing of the County's 1996 Certificates of Participation (COPs), including:

  1. Approval of the Financing Plan, which provides for refinancing the 1996 COPs through the issuance of new 2005 COPs only if the Net Present Value of the Savings is at least equal to 3% of the outstanding principal amount of the 1996 COPs;
  2. Approval of the Site Lease and Lease Agreement between the County and the Napa County Public Improvement Corporation (PIC) whereby the County leases the Criminal Courts Building and County Administration Building to the PIC and the PIC subleases those properties back to the County in order to provide a financing mechanism for the COPs;
  3. Approval of the Trust Agreement between the County, the PIC and U.S. Bank National Association, which provides that U.S. Bank will act as trustee for the new 2005 COPs issue;
  4. Approval of the sale of the 2005 COPs to an underwriting firm based on proposals provided by select underwriters, upon the advice of the County's financial advisor and in accordance with the terms of a Certificate Purchase Agreement between the County, PIC and selected underwriter;
  5. Approval of the Preliminary Official Statement that describes the COPs, in substantially the attached form;
  6. Authorization for the County Executive Officer and the Chair of the Board to make necessary changes to  the above documents;
  7. Authorization for the County Executive Officer and/or Chair of the Board to sign the above documents, to accept the offer from the selected underwriter to purchase the COPs and to sign certain certificates related to the sale as may be necessary;
  8. Authorization for the County's financial advisor to distribute the Preliminary Official Statement and Final Official Statement; and
  9. Authorization for the Chair of the Board, County Executive Officer, Assistant County Executive Officer, Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector to sign any and all certificates, agreements or other documents deemed necessary to consumate the sale of the 2005 COPs, including specifically termination agreements related to the 1996 COPs.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution BOS 2005 Refunding COP ( Microsoft Word Document - 38 kb )
B Site Lease ( Adobe PDF Document - 345 kb )
C Lease Agreement ( Adobe PDF Document - 2192 kb )
D Trust Agreement ( Adobe PDF Document - 4294 kb )
E Purchase Agreement ( Adobe PDF Document - 1676 kb )
F Preliminary Official Statement ( Adobe PDF Document - 5356 kb )
G Termination Agreement ( Adobe PDF Document - 202 kb )

Recess to the Napa County Public Improvement Corporation (NCPIC) special meeting (See NCPIC Agenda).


Recess to the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (NCFCWCD) meeting (See NCFCWCD Agenda).


Director of Public Works requests the following actions relating to property located at 3075 California Boulevard, Napa CA:

  1. Approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign a Lease/Option Agreement with the Drew Family 1994 Revocable Trust, at the rate of $16,000 per month for the first year, increasing by 3.5% each year thereafter, for the term March 1, 2005 through February 29, 2020 for the relocation of the Water Street maintenance facility; and
  2. Approval of Budget Transfer No. 59 appropriating $64,000 in the Public Works/Property Management budget with offsetting revenues from Public Works/Equipment Pool budget for four months lease payments related to the above agreement.  (4/5 vote required)

Supporting Documents
A Exhibit A Water Street Aerial Photo ( Adobe PDF Document - 426 kb )
B Exhibit B Flood Take of Water Street Site ( Adobe PDF Document - 26 kb )
C Exhibit C Site Map for California Boulevard ( Adobe PDF Document - 217 kb )


Discussion and possible action regarding the proposed downtown property and business improvement district.

Supporting Documents
A Management District Plan ( Adobe PDF Document - 4605 kb )


Chair Dillon requests discussion and possible action concerning existing lease and possible purchase of Skyline Park.



Property: The property known as Skyline Park and certain adjacent areas of open space located within all or portions of the following Assessor's Parcel Numbers: 046-450-041,
046-450-042, 046-380-001, 046-390-001, 045-350-002 and 045-360-001
Agency Negotiator:  Don Ridenhour and Martha Burdick, Public Works Department 
Negotiating Parties:   State of California 
Under Negotiation:  Price and terms of payment



Initiation of litigation pursuant to subdivision (c) of Government Code Section 54956.9: (One case)



Director of Health and Human Services