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Napa County Legislative Subcommittee 2/26/2018 Regular Meeting

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Minutes of February 5, 2018.

Supporting Documents
A MINUTES - February 5, 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 213 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on Proposition 69 (ACA 5) that asks the voters on June 5, 2018, to amend the California Constitution to ensure that the revenues from the diesel tax and the transportation improvement fee from SB 1 be used for transportation planning, public transit, and transportation capital improvements.

Supporting Documents
A Proposition 69 (ACA 5) - INITIATIVE TEXT - Transportation Funds ( Adobe PDF - 199 kb )


County Executive Officer and Director of Health and Human Services Agency request discussion and possible action on AB 1795 (Gipson), a bill that seeks to authorize local emergency medical services agencies to submit, as part of their emergency services plan, a plan to transport specified patients to a community care facility in lieu of transportation to a general acute care hospital.

Supporting Documents
A AB 1795 - EMS - Paramedicine ( Adobe PDF - 206 kb )
B AB 1795 - EMSAAC support letter ( Adobe PDF - 126 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on SB 969, a bill that would require the manufacturer of an automatic garage door opener sold in the state on or after January 1, 2019, to include a backup battery.

Supporting Documents
A SB 969 - BILL TEXT - Garage Door Back-up Batteries ( Adobe PDF - 164 kb )
B SB 969 Fact Sheet ( Adobe PDF - 245 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on AB 2737 (Aguiar-Curry), a bill that would require revenue from employee housing at the Yountville Veterans' Home that currently goes into the State General Fund to be returned to the Veterans' Home to create a fund for ongoing maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration of the campus.

Supporting Documents
A AB 2737 - BILL TEXT - Veterans Home; Yountville ( Adobe PDF - 210 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on SB 1073 (Dodd), a bill that authorizes State funding from general obligation bonds, subventions or other sources to fund construction of uncompleted phases of the Napa River Flood Protection Project when there are not available federal funds for project completion.

Supporting Documents
A SB 1073 - BILL TEXT - State Funding for Flood Control Project ( Adobe PDF - 148 kb )
B SB 1073 - FACT SHEET - State Funding for Flood Control Project ( Microsoft Word Document - 1182 kb )