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Board of Supervisors 3/19/2019 Regular Meeting

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Presentation of a Retirement Proclamation to Barry Biermann, County Fire Chief, in recognition of more than 33 years of service to the people of Napa County.


Sheriff requests the following actions regarding the State Department of Boating Safety and Enforcement Financial Aid Program:

  1. Approval of and authorization for the Sheriff to sign Revenue Agreement No. 3446-8 with the State of California Department of Boating and Waterways for a maximum of $308,150 for the term July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 for the provision of law enforcement services; and
  2. Approval for Sheriff or his designee to sign quarterly activity reports and other documents for the State Department of Boating and Waterways.


Director of Public Works requests authorization for the Chair to sign a Certificate of Acceptance of an Avigation and Hazard Easement Deed from the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 057-250-025-000 & 057-250-036-000).

Supporting Documents
A Compatibility Map ( Adobe PDF - 352 kb )


Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk ex officio Registrar of Voters requests the following actions regarding special district elections:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of resolutions from five special districts requesting consolidation with the Statewide General Election; and
  2. Authorize notice to special districts of the requests for consolidation requesting input.
Supporting Documents
A Circle Oaks Consolidation Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 226 kb )
B Congress Valley Consolidation Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 96 kb )
C Los Carneros Consolidation Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 115 kb )
D Spanish Flat Consolidation Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 103 kb )
E Napa River Reclamation Consolidation Resolution ( Adobe PDF - 108 kb )
F Fiscal Impact Analysis Consolidation ( Microsoft Word Document - 31 kb )


Auditor-Controller requests acceptance of the County's Single Audit Report, an audit of county wide expenditures of Federal Awards, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018.

Supporting Documents
A Single Audit Report for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 237 kb )


Auditor-Controller requests the Board accept, and instruct the Clerk of the Board to file, the Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District Annual Report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018.

Supporting Documents
A FY2017-18 NVTID Annual Report ( Adobe PDF - 2362 kb )


Auditor-Controller requests acceptance of the Agreed Upon Conditions Report designed to increase efficiency, internal controls, and/or financial reporting completed by the County's external auditors, Brown Armstrong, CPAs, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018.

Supporting Documents
A Agreed Upon Conditions Report ( Adobe PDF - 258 kb )


County Counsel requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign Amendment No. 5 to Agreement No. 160132B with the law firm of Miller, Starr & Regalia, increasing the maximum compensation for the present fiscal year, effective January 1, 2019, by $100,000 for a new maximum of $350,000, for unanticipated additional land use and real estate advisory services that are covered by the existing scope of work.


County Executive Officer requests the appointment of the following applicants to the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council to commence immediately for three-year terms:

Name Representing
Elizabeth A. Olson Cipriano (Betsy) Agriculture, Public Health & Nutrition, and Education
Jeannie Kerr    City of St. Helena

Supporting Documents
A Elizabeth (Betsy) Olson Cipriano Application ( Adobe PDF - 156 kb )
B City of St. Helena Minutes, February 12, 2019 ( Adobe PDF - 748 kb )
C Timeline ( Adobe PDF - 65 kb )


Director of Public Works requests the following:

  1. Accept the Napa County Groundwater Sustainability: Annual Report - Water Year 2018 and;
  2. Authorize submittal of the report to the State Department of Water Resources (DWR).
Supporting Documents
A Napa County Groundwater Sustainability Annual Report - Water Year 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 14900 kb )
B Report Summay - 2 pgs. ( Adobe PDF - 1889 kb )
C PowerPoint Presentation (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 2283 kb )

Recess to the Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District (LBRID) special meeting (see LBRID Agenda).


Recess to the Napa Berryessa Resort Improvement District (NBRID) special meeting (see NBRID Agenda).


Recess to the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (NCFCWCD) meeting (see NCFCWCD Agenda).


Director of Planning, Building and Environmental Services to provide an annual report regarding the status of the Napa County General Plan and progress in its implementation as required by Government Code Section 65400.

Supporting Documents
A Cover Letter to State Agencies ( Adobe PDF - 135 kb )
B 2018 Annual Progress Report Summary ( Adobe PDF - 27 kb )
C Housing Programs Implementation Table 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 410 kb )
D General Plan Implementation Table 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 155 kb )


Director of Public Works recommends the following:

  1. Acceptance of the Hennessy and Milliken Watersheds Study conducted jointly by the City of Napa and the County; and 
  2. Direction to develop an agreement with the City of Napa to implement the Sampling and Analysis Plan recommended in the Study.
Supporting Documents
A Hennessey and Milliken Watershed Study ( Adobe PDF - 3369 kb )
B Sampling and Anaysis Plan ( Adobe PDF - 1783 kb )


County Executive Officer will provide a report on pending future agenda items and seek direction from the Board for each item.

Supporting Documents
A Future Agenda Item Report ( Adobe PDF - 67 kb )


County Executive Officer requests the following action regarding the Napa County Library Commission:

  1. Appointment of one of the following applicants to represent the County of Napa, commencing immediately for a three-year term:

    Leslie Scolnick Hauser
    Sarita Lopez*

  2. Appointment of Stephanie Allan to represent the City of Calistoga, commencing immediately for a three-year term.
Supporting Documents
A Leslie Scolnick Hauser Application ( Adobe PDF - 234 kb )
B Sarita Lopez Signed Reappointment Request Letter & Application ( Adobe PDF - 385 kb )
C City of Calistoga Appointment Letter March 7, 2019 ( Adobe PDF - 56 kb )
D Timeline ( Adobe PDF - 65 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on whether to seek inclusion of Napa County in AB 632 (Aguiar-Curry), a bill that amends the Government Code to authorize certain counties, by adoption of an ordinance by the Board of Supervisors, the option to consolidate the elected offices of Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector. (Unanimous vote required)

Supporting Documents
A AB 632 ( Adobe PDF - 125 kb )


County Executive Officer, on behalf of the Legislative Subcommittee, recommends a position of support for ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry), a resolution to propose to the people of the State of California an amendment to the State Constitution to lower to 55% the voter-approval threshold for a city, county or city and county to incur bonded indebtedness to fund the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement of public infrastructure or affordable housing projects. (Unanimous vote required)

Supporting Documents
A ACA 1 ( Adobe PDF - 260 kb )


County Executive Officer, on behalf of the Legislative Subcommittee, requests adoption of a resolution supporting the creation of a statewide Commission to address significant challenges to the State's recycling markets. (Unanimous vote required) 

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 16 kb )
B Resolution No. 2019-43 (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 1755 kb )