TUESDAY                 MARCH 27, 2001                 9:00 A.M.




Brad Wagenknecht

District 1

Mark  Luce

District 2

Mel Varrelman

District 3

Bill Dodd

District 4

Mike Rippey

District 5



Jay Hull

County Administrator

Mary Jean McLaughlin

Clerk of the Board

Robert Westmeyer

County Counsel










The Board of Supervisors meets each Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. at 1195 Third Street, Room 305, Napa, California 94559.  If you require an assistive listening device, interpreter or any other special arrangement please provide the Clerk of the Board with 24-hour notice by calling 253-4580 (253-6088TDD).


The agenda is divided into three sections:


CONSENT CALENDAR - These matters typically include routine financial or administrative actions, as well as final adoption of ordinances that cannot be both introduced and adopted at the same meeting.  Any item on the CONSENT CALENDAR will be discussed separately at the request of any person.  CONSENT CALENDAR items are usually approved with a single motion.


SET MATTERS - These items are noticed hearings, work sessions and public hearings.


REGULAR CALENDAR - These items include significant policy and administrative actions and are classified by program areas.  Immediately after approval of the CONSENT CALENDAR, if the time for hearing SET MATTERS has not arrived, the REGULAR CALENDAR will be considered.


ANY MEMBER OF THE AUDIENCE DESIRING TO ADDRESS THE BOARD ON A MATTER ON THE AGENDA please proceed to the rostrum and, after receiving recognition from the Chair, give your name, address, and your comments or questions.  In order that all interested parties have an opportunity to speak, please be brief and limit your comments to the specific subject under discussion.  Time limitations shall be at the discretion of the Chair or Board.






1.        Call to Order; Roll Call.



2.        Pledge of Allegiance.



3.        Presentation of a Proclamation to Neal O’Haire, Emergency Services Manager, declaring the week of April 1-7, 2001 as Earthquake Preparedness Week in Napa County.



4.        9:00 A.M.  PUBLIC COMMENT


In this time period, anyone may address the Board of Supervisors regarding any subject over which the Board has jurisdiction but which is not on today's agenda.  Individuals will be limited to a three-minute presentation.  No action will be taken by the Board of Supervisors as a result of any item presented at this time.



5.        Department Heads’ Reports and Announcements.








6.        District Attorney requests authorization for out-of-state travel for Robert Greggins, Chief Deputy District Attorney-Criminal Division, to attend the National College of District Attorney's Office Administration training seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona from April 22-26, 2001 at an estimated cost of $1,700.



7.        Sheriff requests approval of Budget Transfer No. 73 in the amount of $33,257 increasing SDE:Other by $5,975 and establishing a fixed asset for the purchase of six (6) video systems for patrol vehicles in the amount of $27,282 with offsetting revenue from Citizens' Options for Public Safety (COPS) Trust Fund related to the expenditure of Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund/COPS.  (4/5 vote required)



8.               Sheriff requests approval to submit a "Members Request" to Patricia Wiggins and Wesley Chesbro in the amount of $150,000 to assist with funding a 15 passenger van, tournament expenses, building improvements and supplies for the Sheriff's Activities League.








9.        Treasurer/Tax Collector requests approval of the County's Investment Policy.



10.      Treasurer/Tax Collector requests approval of the following persons nominated to serve on the Napa County Treasury Oversight Committee with the terms of office to expire March 31, 2002:


Pam Kindig               Auditor-Controller.

Mike Rippey             Representative selected by the Board.

Barbara Nemko         County Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

Bruce Heid               A representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of

                               the governing bodies of the school districts and community college


Jill Techel                 A representative selected by a majority of the presiding officers of

                               the legislative bodies of the special districts in the County that are

                               required or authorized to deposit funds in the County Treasury.






11.      Agricultural Commissioner requests approval of and authorization for Chairman to sign Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 1812 with the California Department of Food and Agriculture increasing the amount by $2,500 for a new maximum of $35,814 for reimbursement of costs associated with insect detection trapping.



12.      County Fire Chief requests the Board waive competitive bidding requirements and authorize a sole source award to Golden State Fire Apparatus of Modesto, California, for the purchase of a Pierce Saber Triple Combination Pumper for the Rutherford Volunteer Fire Department for the total amount of $274,540.



13.      Director of Public Works requests approval of and authorization for Chairman to sign a Federal Apportionment Exchange Program and State Match Program Agreement with the State of California Department of Transportation (State Agreement No. X01-5921(022)) for Fiscal Year 2000/2001 to receive $337,648 into the County Road fund.





PROPERTY - Continued



14.      Director of Public Works requests approval of plans and specifications for the "Linda Vista Roadway Repair Project," RDS 00-27, authorization to advertise for bids and setting 3:30 P.M. on April 26, 2001 for opening of sealed bids.



15.      Director of Public Works and Purchasing Agent request the following actions regarding County vehicles:


A.              Adoption of amendments to the County of Napa Departmental Vehicle Assignments as of February, 2001; and

B.              Authorization to declare certain vehicles and equipment as surplus, remove them from inventory, and dispose of them at public auction.  (Surplus list on file with the Clerk of the Board)






16.      Adoption of a resolution renewing the delegation of authority to the Napa County Treasurer/Tax Collector to invest and reinvest funds held in the County Treasury.



17.      Clerk of the Board requests appointment of the following persons to serve on the Emergency Medical Care Committee with the terms of office to expire April 1, 2004, as listed below:


Applicants                                     Category of Appointment

Thomas Everett Bishop*                 St. Helena Fire Department

Patty Vail*                                    Napa Valley College

Jay Hull*                                      Napa County Administrator

Neal T. O’Haire*                           Napa County Administrator, Alternate

Theodore McIntyre*                      Ambulance Company Operator

Bradley Thomas Setterlund*           Ambulance Company Operator, Alternate

Michael Vagnerini*                        Central Dispatch

A. Charlene Everett*                      Central Dispatch, Alternate

Ed Stump, M.D.*                          St. Helena Hospital ER Physician

Charles Kitchens, M.D.*                St. Helena Hospital ER Physician, Alternate

Ronald H. Lum                              CHP Helicopter

Aaron W. York*                            CHP Helicopter, Alternate

Joe W. Threat, Jr.*                        Consumer

Carol D. Garcia*                           Consumer

Charles R. Burton*                        Consumer










18.      County Counsel requests amendment of the Departmental Allocation List to delete one (1) (C) Legal Secretary II and add one (1) (C) Paralegal, effective March 31, 2001.



19.      Director of Emergency Services requests authorization to submit a grant application for federal funding to build initial response capability for the operational area for dealing with weapons of mass destruction/terrorism incidents.



20.            Personnel Director requests approval of the revised Management Compensation Plan, effective June 27, 2000.



21.      Regional Training Employment Coordinator requests approval of and authorization for Chairman to sign the following One-Stop Subgrant Closeout Agreements for the term June 30, 1999 through December 31, 2000:


A.              Agreement No. M965886, Part 1, in the amount of $80,000 for the Eligible Training Provider List and Individual Training Account training modules; and

B.              Agreement No. M965886, Part 2, in the amount of $303,183 for One-Stop Implementation.



22.      County Administrator requests the Board:


A.              Accept and file the 2000/2001 Grand Jury Report pertaining to the District Attorney's Office with the Clerk of the Board; and

B.              Direct the County Administrator to prepare a response to the Grand Jury Report by June 12, 2001 as prescribed by law.

(Report on file with the Clerk of the Board)



23.            County Administrator and Personnel Director request:


A.              Acceptance of resignation from Conservation, Development and Planning Director, Jeffrey R. Redding; and

B.              Approval of and authorization for Chairman to sign severance agreement with Jeffrey R. Redding.  (Agreement on file with the Clerk of the Board)








24.            County Administrator and Personnel Director request the following actions, effective immediately:


A.              Amendment of the Departmental Allocation List for Conservation, Development and Planning to add one (1)(M) Acting Director of Conservation, Development and Planning;

B.              Amendment of the Table and Index adding Acting Director of Conservation, Development and Planning; and

C.              Appointment of Richard C. Wilson to the position of Acting Director of Conservation, Development and Planning.

(Details on file with the Clerk of the Board)



25.      Approve minutes of Board of Supervisors’ meeting of March 6, 2001.









27.      9:10 A.M.  County Fire Chief to present information on the Fire Department's Trading Card Program.








28.      Discussion and possible action regarding legislation.



29.      Board of Supervisors’ Committee Reports and Announcements.



30.      Board of Supervisors’ Future Agenda Items.



31.      Closed Session regarding:



Section 54957.6)


Agency negotiator:  Bruce Heid

Employee organization:  Napa County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association