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Napa County Legislative Subcommittee 2/3/2020 Regular Meeting

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County Executive Officer seeks discussion and possible action on SB 799 (Dodd) that would remove the sunset on a pilot program that allows local agency formation commissions in the Counties of Napa and San Bernardino to authorize a city or district to provide new or extended services outside its jurisdictional boundary and outside its sphere of influence, as specified.

Supporting Documents
A SB 799 (Dodd) ( Adobe PDF - 231 kb )


County Executive Officer seeks discussion and possible action on SB 866 (Dodd) that authorizes the issuance of up to 10 additional new liquor licenses per year to bona fide public eating places in Napa County that have a capacity for 25 or more diners, as specified.

Supporting Documents
A SB 866 ( Adobe PDF - 235 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action regarding the state's implementation of federal low-income housing tax credits secured by Congressman Mike Thompson in House Resolution 1865, Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020, which became law in 2019.

Supporting Documents
A TCAC Memo ( Adobe PDF - 396 kb )
B Letter from Congressman Mike Thompson ( Adobe PDF - 1190 kb )