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Board of Supervisors 6/27/2006 Supplemental Meeting

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County Executive Officer requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign the following agreements with the Peter A. and Vernice H. Gasser Foundation relating to the South Napa Homeless Shelter:

  1. Amendment No. 2 to Agreement No. 5064 to modify the description of the Ground Lease to exclude a vacant portion of the leased premises not occupied by the South Napa Homeless Shelter facility, subject to compliance by County with Government Code section 65402 and, if a parcel map is not approved, Government Code section 66428;
  2. Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 6476-2 to modify the term of the Sublease to commence on June 28, 2005 and terminate on May 18, 2006, the date when the completed South Napa Homeless Shelter commenced operations; and
  3. Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 6476-1 to modify the description of the premises subject to the Homeless Shelter Lease and Option to Purchase contained in Exhibits A, A-1 and A-2 to clarify that the premises subject to the lease and option to purchase includes only the building and related improvements comprising the South Napa Homeless Shelter and not the underlying ground and to make technical amendments.