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Board of Supervisors 10/12/2004 Regular Meeting

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Sheriff and Human Resources Director request the following actions regarding the provision of law enforcement services for the City of American Canyon:

  1. Approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign Amendment No. 9 to Agreement No. 3220 with the City of American Canyon for an estimated amount of $2,232,669 for the term July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005; and
  2. Adoption of a resolution amending the Departmental Allocation List for the Sheriff's Department with regards to adding one (1) Captain position, effective October 23, 2004.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 29 kb )


Acting Director of Health and Human Services requests approval of and authorization for the Chair to sign the following agreements regarding Napa Valley College:

  1. Renewal of Agreement No. 4580 for a maximum of $15,000 for the term July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005 to provide vocational and educational classroom training to clients participating in the Training and Employment Center Program; and
  2. Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 4832 incorporating agency-wide changes to the General Terms and Conditions, revising the Scope of Work to include additional testing tools, and revising the compensation table to include a prorated amount for diagnostic learning services to CalWORKs clients.


Director of Public Works/Aviation requests approval of Budget Transfer No. 30 in the amount of $353,994 for the Airport Capital Improvement and Operating budgets, based on Fiscal Year ended 2004 project status.  (4/5 vote required)  


Clerk of the Board requests the Board authorize the Registrar of Voters to:

  1. Conduct two special elections on February 1, 2005, one for Improvement District 1, and one for Improvement District 2, of the Spanish Flat Water District relating to ratification of loan contracts with the State of California to fund upgrade of district water treatment plants, with the provision that all services rendered by the County to the District in connection with such election be reimbursed in full; and
  2. Publish a notice of special election once a week for four weeks in the Napa Register, with proof of such publication to be filed with the District Secretary prior to the date set for the election, as required by Water Code sections 35151 and 35152.

Supporting Documents
A Letter from Spanish Flat Water District Board of Directors ( Adobe PDF Document - 151 kb )
B Spanish Flat Water District Resolution No. 260 ( Adobe PDF Document - 329 kb )
C Spanish Flat Water District Resolution No. 261 ( Adobe PDF Document - 327 kb )


Human Resources Director requests adoption of a resolution regarding the following in connection with the Public Works Department, effective October 12, 2004:

  1. Amend the Departmental Allocation List to add one (1) Stormwater Technician and delete one (1) Environmental Health Technician; and
  2. Amend the Table and Index to add Stormwater Technician.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 26 kb )


Human Resources Director requests adoption of a resolution approving the Total Tentative Agreement with the Law Enforcement Employee/Law Enforcement Employee Supervisory Units dated and ratified by the Units September 30, 2004 and amending the Table and Index.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 33 kb )


Approve minutes of the meeting held September 28, 2004.

Supporting Documents
A Minutes of September 28, 2004. ( Microsoft Word Document - 78 kb )

Recess to the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority of Napa County special meeting (See IHSS Agenda).


Acting Director of Conservation, Development and Planning and Community Partnership Manager to provide status report on General Plan Update with possible direction from the Board of Supervisors.


Public hearing and adoption of a resolution amending the County's Conflict of Interest Code.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 14 kb )
B Appendix B ( Microsoft Word Document - 19 kb )
C Appendix A Tracked ( Microsoft Word Document - 19 kb )
D Appendix A Final ( Microsoft Word Document - 16 kb )


County Executive Officer requests adoption of a resolution increasing rates by 5% for the One Can 32-gallon service and by 10% for all other services for collection of garbage and recyclables applicable to Garbage Zone One, located generally in the unincorporated areas of Napa County in the vicinity of the Cities of Napa and American Canyon, effective October 1, 2004.

Supporting Documents
A Exhibit 1 - Development of Memorandum Deficiency Account ( Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - 24 kb )
B Exhibit 2 - Rate Comparison ( Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - 28 kb )
C Exhibit 3 - History of Rates ( Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - 26 kb )
D Resolution ( Microsoft Word Document - 42 kb )


Chief Probation Officer to discuss and request direction regarding staffing levels at the Juvenile Justice Center.


Acting Director of Conservation, Development and Planning requests adoption of a resolution creating the Airport Industrial Area Subcommittee, adopting its by-laws, and authorizing City of Napa and City of American Canyon representation on said subcommittee. 

Supporting Documents
A RESOLUTION ( Microsoft Word Document - 39 kb )


Supervisor Luce requests discussion and potential direction from the Board regarding political sign ordinance enforcement.

Supporting Documents
A Chapter 18.116.020 Signs allowed without a permit ( HTML - 4 kb )


Human Resources Director requests the following regarding amending the contract with the Board of Administration of the California Public Employees' Retirement System to provide an enchanced retirement benefit of 2.5% at 55 effective December 18, 2004 for all miscellaneous employees:

  1. Discussion of future annual costs which are estimated to increase by $2.3 million for this fiscal year, a portion of which will be paid by the employees; and
  2. Adoption of a Resolution of Intention to approve an amendment to the contract.

Supporting Documents
A Resolution of Intention ( Adobe PDF Document - 495 kb )
B CalPERS Cost Analysis ( Adobe PDF Document - 615 kb )


The Legislative Subcommittee will present a report including but not limited to the following items. The Board may or may not take action on any or all items presented for discussion.  (Unanimous vote required)

November 2, 2004 general election propositions: 

  • Proposition 1A - Local Government Finance
  • Proposition 59 - Open Public Records Act
  • Proposition 63 - Mental Health Services Expansion
  • Proposition 66 - Limitations on "Three-Strikes" Law
  • Proposition 68 - Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion
  • Proposition 69 - DNA Sample Collection
  • Proposition 70 - Tribal Gaming Compacts

  • Supporting Documents
    A Official Analysis of Proposition 1A ( Adobe PDF Document - 1201 kb )
    B Official Analysis of Proposition 59 ( Adobe PDF Document - 709 kb )
    C Official Analysis of Proposition 63 ( Adobe PDF Document - 1070 kb )
    D Official Analysis of Proposition 66 ( Adobe PDF Document - 886 kb )
    E Official Analysis of Proposition 68 ( Adobe PDF Document - 1206 kb )
    F Official Analysis of Proposition 69 ( Adobe PDF Document - 864 kb )
    G Official Analysis of Proposition 70 ( Adobe PDF Document - 872 kb )

    CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR (Government Code Section 54957.6)

    Agency Designated Representatives: Dennis Morris, Human Resources Director
    Unrepresented Employees:
    Non-Classified, Management and Confidential Employees of the County of Napa (Excluding Elected Officials)



    Name of case: Napa Citizens for Honest Government et al v. Napa County Board of Supervisors (Case No. 26-04014)