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Planning Commission 10/6/2010 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status:
 Negative Declaration has been prepared. According to the proposed Negative Declaration, the proposed project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts. The project site is not on any of the the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5
Request: (A) Approval of a Use Permit to establish a new, 48,000 gallon per year winery with:  1) a two-story, 16,243 sq. ft. winery building with 5,800 sq. ft. of offices, 1,670 sq. ft. of tasting/sales area; 2,281 sq. ft. of barrel storage, total 2,410 sq. ft. roof deck areas and 15,970 sq. ft. of cave area with four portals for a winery totaling 56,370 sq. ft.; 2) conversion of an existing 1,460 sq. ft., detached garage to a farm equipment storage building and a new 375 sq. ft. utility building; 3) 13 full-time and 2 part-time employees; 4) 44 on-site parking spaces; 5) new entrance monument and sign; 6) up to 75 visitors per day (Fri-Sun) and 40 visitors per day (Mon-Thurs) by appointment only; 7) a marketing plan with 27 events per year with a maximum of 24 people (10 as evening events ending at 10:00 PM), two events per year with a maximum 49 people, one event per year with 100 people, and one event per year with 300 people; and 8) a new process wastewater septic system.  (B) Approval of a Variance to reduce the minimum 600 foot winery setback from SR 29/St. Helena Highway to 235 feet. The project site is located on two parcels, approximately 14.11 acres total size (12.52 and 1.59 acres), on the southeast corner of the intersection at Yount Mill Road and SR-29/St. Helena Highway, within the AP (Agricultural Preserve) zoning district.  (Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 031-120-026 and 031-130-026) 7466 St. Helena Highway, Napa.

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Negative Declaration and approve the Use Permit and Variance with the recommended Conditions of Approval.

Staff Contact: Ronald Gee, 707-253-4417, or


Supporting Documents
A Revised Conditions of Approval ( Adobe PDF Document - 71 kb )
B Comparable Wineries Chart ( Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - 28 kb )
C Marketing Plan Statement ( Adobe PDF Document - 15 kb )
D Applicant Memorandum, September 24, 2010 ( Adobe PDF Document - 117 kb )
E Winery Floor Plan - Sheet A1.0, First-floor ( Adobe PDF Document - 405 kb )
F Winery Floor Plan - Sheet A1.1, Second-floor ( Adobe PDF Document - 203 kb )
G Winery Floor Plan - Sheet A1.3, Composite ( Adobe PDF Document - 398 kb )
H Caltrans Comment, September 23, 2010 ( Adobe PDF Document - 71 kb )
I Well Easement (Parcel Four) ( Adobe PDF Document - 175 kb )
J Greenhouse Gas Checklist ( Adobe PDF Document - 146 kb )


CEQA Status
: Categorical Exemption Class 7: It has been determined that this type of project does not have a significant effect on the environment and is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act. [See Class 7 (“Actions by Regulatory Agencies for Protection of Natural Resources”) which may be found in the guidelines for the implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act at 14 CCR §15307.]
Request: County sponsored resolution adopting the Napa County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan (the Plan)  for purposes of achieving oak woodlands conservation through voluntary collaborative action by private and public landowners, public agencies, non-profit and other community organizations, and community volunteers.  The proposed Plan provides a summary of the location, condition and value of Napa County’s oak woodlands; identifies potential threats; outlines conservation strategies and best management practices, and mitigations for CEQA compliance. Upon adoption of the Plan by Board of Supervisors' resolution, county landowners, agencies, and non-profits will be eligible for grants under the California Oak Woodlands Conservation Act (2001).

Staff Recommendation: That the Planning Commission conduct a public hearing on the Napa County Voluntary Oak Woodland Management Plan and forward a Recommendation of Approval to the Board of Supervisors.

Staff Contact: Patrick Lowe, Deputy Director 707-259-5937 

Supporting Documents
A Napa County OWMP_Plan_09.01.2010_update ( Adobe PDF Document - 2495 kb )
B Napa County OWMP_Appendix_09.01.2010_update ( Adobe PDF Document - 6811 kb )