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Planning Commission 6/23/2021 Regular Meeting

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Syar Napa Quarry Surface Mining Permit No. P08-00337-SMP 5-year Status Report

Surface Mining Permit (SMP) status report and compliance review (Report) for the Syar Napa Quarry (Quarry) (CA Mine ID #91-28-0004). Pursuant to the Quarry’s adopted conditions of approval, the Planning Commission is required to review compliance with permit conditions, mitigation measures, and the mining and reclamation plan every five (5) years after permit approval.

CEQA Status: The Report of the Quarry’s Surface Mining Permit is informational only and is not a project as defined by 14 California Code of Regulation 15378 (State CEQA Guidelines) and therefore CEQA is not applicable.

Location: The 497-acre Quarry is located on the east side of State Highway 221 (Napa-Vallejo Highway) at its intersection with Basalt Road east of 2301 State Highway 221; Assessor's Parcel Numbers 045-360-005,046-370-012, -013, -015, -022, -025, 046-390-002, -003, and 046-450-071.

General Plan & Zoning Designations: Industrial (I), Agriculture, Watershed & Open Space (AWOS), Public Institutional, Open Space (PI), and Mineral Resource overlay; Industrial (I), Agricultural Watershed (AW), and Agricultural Watershed, Airport Compatibility Combination District (AW:AC). 

Staff Recommendation:
 Receive staff report, take public testimony and/or comments from the applicant, close the hearing, discuss and provide comments or direction to staff.

Staff Contact: Donald Barrella, (707) 299-1338 or

Syar Quarry Contact: Jennifer Gomez, 707-259-5728 or  

Syar Napa Quarry Current Projects Explorer Website: 

Supporting Documents
A Conditions Compliance Table ( Adobe PDF - 977 kb )
B Inspection and Complaint Log 2020-2021 ( Adobe PDF - 1495 kb )
C Land Logistics SMARA Brochure ( Adobe PDF - 393 kb )
D Figure 3f Mining and Reclamation Plan ( Adobe PDF - 1653 kb )
E Item 7A Public Comments (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 9458 kb )