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Planning Commission 8/5/2020 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration, the proposed project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts after implementation of mitigation measures. Mitigation measures are proposed for the following areas: Noise. The project site is not included on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval of a Major Modification to an existing 450,000-gallon per year winery to allow the following: A. COMPONENTS NECESSARY TO REMEDY EXISTING VIOLATIONS: 1) recognition of 48 full-time and 22 part-time/seasonal existing employees (currently authorized for 25 full-time employees and nine part-time/seasonal employees); and 2) recognition of 79 parking spaces (currently authorized for 74 spaces). B. EXPANSION BEYOND EXISTING ENTITLEMENTS: 1) increase the number of full time employees from 25 to 55 and increase the number of part-time/seasonal employees from nine (9) to 26; 2) revise the locations of the existing on-site wine consumption to add an existing picnic area on an adjacent parcel (APN: 021-410-024) and a new ADA-accessible picnic area adjacent to the tasting room parking lot in accordance with Business and Professionals Code Sections 23390 and 23396.5; 3) construct an arbor at the entrance to the garden path to the new picnic area; 4) amend the existing Marketing Plan; 5) convert a conference room in the existing administration building into a small private tasting area; convert a portion of an existing restroom to office space in the production building; and temporarily use space within an area approved to construct a tasting room for a staff break room; 6) add an existing 260 ft² shed on an adjacent parcel (APN 021-410-025) for grounds maintenance equipment storage; 7) allow outdoor amplified music on the crush pad, tasting room parking area, and the parking area near a cave entrance during five (5) marketing events; 8) add an existing road for a service area of the administration building; 9) construct four (4) new parking spaces for a total of 83 spaces; 10) construct deceleration/acceleration lane improvements to the Silverado Trail access entrance; and 11) revise Major Modification Permit #P10-00038 - COA#5 to correct the percentage of production that is subject to the 75% rule (120,000 gallons). There are no proposed changes to the Winery’s production, daily visitation, or hours of operation. The project also includes a request for an exception to the Road and Street Standards to avoid the removal of existing mature trees to construct the required current road width increase. The project is located at 3522 N. Silverado Trail, St. Helena - APN:021-410-025 (winery - ±31.85 acres) and APN:021-410-024 (Residence - ± 5.15 acres) Zoning and General Plan Designation: Agricultural Preserve (AP) and Agricultural Resource (AR).

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration and approve the Exception to the Napa County Roads & Street Standards and Major Modification, as conditioned.

Staff Contact: Wyntress Balcher (707) 299-1351,

Applicant Contact
: Lynn Sletto, 3522 Silverado Trail, St. Helena, CA, 94574, (707) 963-6629;[

Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 196 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval & Final Agency Approval Memos ( Adobe PDF - 11326 kb )
C Previouos Project Conditions ( Adobe PDF - 1112 kb )
D Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF - 628 kb )
E Use Permit Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 4609 kb )
F Exception to County Road & Street Standards ( Adobe PDF - 14522 kb )
G Water Availability Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 1304 kb )
H Wastewater Feasibility Study ( Adobe PDF - 10875 kb )
I Noise Study ( Adobe PDF - 1615 kb )
J Winery Comparison Analysis & Summary of Changes ( Adobe PDF - 369 kb )
K Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 1751 kb )
L Item 7A Public Comment (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 1016 kb )
M Item 7A Additional Public Comment (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 252 kb )
N Item 7A Additional Public Comment (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 213 kb )
O 7A Additional Public Comments (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 833 kb )
P 7A Memo (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 407 kb )
Q Item 7A Memo (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 2812 kb )



CEQA Status:
Napa County has issued on July 23, 2020 a Notice of Preparation (NOP) of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project proposal Inn at the Abbey. Members of the public and public agencies are invited to provide comments in writing or at this public scoping session as to the scope and content of the proposed EIR. The 30-day public comment period on the NOP closes August 24, 2020.

Request: Public meeting to take testimony on items to be addressed in a Environmental Impact Report (EIR) currently being prepared for the proposed Inn at the Abbey project (Major Modification #P18-00038-MOD). The proposal is to demolish three buildings and redevelop the site with a 79-room hotel, retail and hotel lounge space, a spa with treatment rooms, a main pool and a small plunge pool, a parking garage, a rooftop terrace, a fitness room, an outdoor lawn and gathering space, back-of-house uses, and on-site employee housing. Specifically, the project would include the following: 1) demolition of three buildings totaling 10,048 square feet containing the existing land uses restaurant, retail wine shop, art gallery, and five-room motel; 2) interior renovation of the existing Stone Building to serve as hotel lobby, retail components, meeting space and/or bar/lounge components; 3) construction of a North Hotel Building on the North Parcel, occupying approximately 55,000 square feet of floor area to be used by 50 guest rooms, underground parking garage including 54 parking stalls, a spa, retail operations, a rooftop terrace, other public areas, circulation, and back-of-house uses; 4) approximately 11,100 square feet of floor area for a two-story South Hotel Building on the south parcel which would include 11 guest rooms, a support kitchen, a library, and back-of-house uses; 5) approximately 7,500 square feet of floor area for a South Hotel Barn Building on the south parcel which would include 12 guest rooms; 6) approximately 350 square foot fitness studio; 7) approximately 4,000 square feet for two (2) two-story bungalow buildings which will include three (3) guest rooms each; 8) use of six (6) existing residences on the South Parcel to house workers employed on the property; 9) other development features such as a plunge pool, walkways, breezeways, patios, courtyards, landscape areas, bio-retention basins, vegetated buffer strips; 10) modification to existing public water systems and 11) a new on-site greywater system. The project proposes to use a combination of local groundwater and existing potable water entitlements from the City of St. Helena. The applicant is also seeking approval of a Development Agreement. The 15-acre project site includes six (6) parcels and is located at Lodi Lane along State Route 29 (SR 29). Existing addresses: 3018/3020 N. St. Helena Highway; 3010 N. St. Helena Highway; 3022 N. St. Helena Highway; 1160 Lodi Lane; 1189 Lodi Lane (also known as 3000 SR 29); and 1157, 1165, 1179, and 1191 Lodi Lane. Three of these parcels are zoned for Agricultural Watershed (AW), two are zoned CL, and one parcel includes both AW and CL zoning. The four parcels located north of Lodi Lane are referred to as the “North Parcel,” while the two parcels south of Lodi Lane are known as the “South Parcel.” The North Parcel totals 1.84 acres of land zoned CL and 8.43 acres of land zoned AW. The South Parcel includes 1.70 acres zoned CL and 4.83 acres zoned AW. The General Plan land use designation for these sites are Agriculture, Watershed and Open Space (AWOS). Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 022-130-027, -028, -023, -024 & 022-220-028, -029.

Staff Recommendation: Receive public and Commission testimony on items to be addressed in the project-specific EIR.

Staff Contact: Trevor Hawkes, phone 253-4388 or email

Applicant: Jackson Family Investments III, LLC

Applicant’s Representatives: Geoff Scott, Jackson Family Investments III, LLC; phone (707) 525-6529 or email Rob Anglin, Holman Teague Roche Anglin, LP; phone (707) 927-4274 or email

Supporting Documents
A Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report ( Adobe PDF - 404 kb )
B Initial Study Checklist ( Adobe PDF - 4541 kb )
C Exhibits ( Adobe PDF - 85076 kb )
D Item 8A Public Comment (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 3651 kb )
E Item 8A Additional Public Comment (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 209 kb )
F 8A Additional Public Comments (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 217 kb )