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Planning Commission 7/17/2019 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of Categorical Exemptions Class 1, Class 3, Class 4, Class 11, and the General Rule. It has been determined that this type of project does not have a significant effect on the environment and is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”); [see Categorical Exemption Class 1 (“Existing Facilities”) which may be found in the guidelines for the implementation of CEQA at 14 CCR §15301; Class 3 (“New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures”) which may be found in the guidelines for the implementation of CEQA at 14 CCR §15303; Class 4 (“Minor Alterations to Land”) which may be found in the guidelines for the implementation of CEQA at 14 CCR §15304; Class 11 (“Accessory Structures”) which may be found in the guidelines for the implementation of CEQA at 14 CCR §15311; see also Napa County’s Local Procedures for Implementing the CEQA, Appendix B, Class 1, Existing Facilities, Section (1) (a)]; and the General Rule in that it can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility the proposed action may have a significant effect on the environment and therefore CEQA is not applicable. [See Guidelines for the Implementation of CEQA at 14 CCR §15061(b)(3)]. This project is not on any lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: The project proposal includes the following: 1) relocation of the main entryway and installation of a new entry structure and signage; 2) installation of off-site roadway landscape improvements within Caltrans and County right-of-ways; 3) replacement of the existing wood fence along Old Sonoma Road with a decorative masonry wall; 4) relocation of the Boon Fly Café restaurant to The Market location and use of the existing Boon Fly Café location for storage and staff needs; 5) relocation of The Market space to a smaller, existing office space in the adjacent building; 6) relocation of six existing recreational vehicle spaces to the Hilltop location; 7) alteration and enhancement of the existing Hilltop pool area; 8) relocation of the kitchen gardens located on the flag lot to the farm area; 9) Carneros Inn Mutual Water Company’s installation of a private waterline from the terminus of an existing waterline to the Property so that the City of Napa can supply water to the Carneros Inn Mutual Water Company, thereby eliminating groundwater use at the site; 10) installation of two pickle ball courts; (11) use of the adjoining CL zoned parcel (APN 047-110-027) as overflow parking for the Carneros Resort; (12) abandonment of the southerly portion of the Old Sonoma Highway and re-use as kitchen gardens; (13) conveyance to the County of one-acre of Carneros Resort land on Old Sonoma Road for use as a future new fire facility; and, (14) relocation of the existing fire facility from the 0.2-acre parcel to the Old Sonoma Road location including the construction of a concrete pad and connection to the Carneros Inn Mutual Water Company waterline, or if the fire facility is not relocated payment of an in-lieu fee towards the construction of a new fire facility equivalent to the cost of constructing a pad and relocating the existing fire facility. An Exception to the County Road and Street Standards is requested to acknowledge widths of less than 22-feet of the existing private internal access drives.

The request also consists of a Development Agreement to provide the Applicant with a vested right to develop the project over a 10 year period from the date of adoption of the ordinance approving the Development Agreement in accordance with the applicable laws and entitlements in effect at the time of project approval. In exchange, the Applicant would agree to terms that would address impacts of the project which could not have been otherwise required under applicable law.

The project site is located at 4048 Sonoma Highway, Napa, California on approximately 27.7 acres on the north side of Sonoma Highway approximately opposite Los Carneros Avenue, within the Commercial Limited and Agricultural Watershed Zoning Districts (APN's: 047-110-003, 047-110-027, 047-110-028, 047-110-062, and 047-400-(01-28 SFAP)(the Property).

Staff Recommendation: Recommend the Board of Supervisors find the project Categorically Exempt from CEQA, approve the Exception to the Road and Street Standards as conditioned, approve the Use Permit Major Modification as conditioned and adopt an Ordinance approving the Development Agreement as proposed.

Staff Contact: David Morrison (707) 253-4805 or or Sean Trippi (707) 299-1353 or

Applicant: GF Carneros Holdings, LLC., Attn: Greg Flynn, (415) 835-0225

Applicant Representative
: Kevin Block, Block & Block, LLP, (707) 251-9871


Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 44 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval & Agency Memos ( Adobe PDF - 5008 kb )
C Ordinance and Development Agreement ( Adobe PDF - 10138 kb )
D CEQA Memo ( Adobe PDF - 239 kb )
E Project History ( Adobe PDF - 128 kb )
F Previous Approvals ( Adobe PDF - 31860 kb )
G Use Permit Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 980 kb )
H Stormwater Control Plan ( Adobe PDF - 1945 kb )
I Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 13400 kb )
J Supplemental Memorandum (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 2128 kb )