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Planning Commission 9/20/2017 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status: Staff and Ascent Environmental, Inc. are in the process of reviewing the comments received at the July 5, 2017 Planning Commission hearing as well as recent court rulings regarding climate action plans and will determine the appropriate level of environmental review at a future date once this review has been completed.

Request: Napa County proposes to adopt a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to identify measures and actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions consistent with State and regional guidance. A CAP is a document that includes policies, measures, and strategies to improve the health, safety, mobility, and livability of the greater community. Acting on climate change means both reducing GHG emissions from local sources in the unincorporated county and helping the community to adapt to climate change and improve the communities' resilience to climate change over the long term. The objectives of a CAP are to reduce GHGs, streamline CEQA review by serving as a "qualified GHG reduction plan," and prioritize measures to comply with California environmental and land use planning laws.  Objectives are achieved through the implementation of implementation measures, also referred to as GHG reduction strategies, which address sectors including building energy, on-road transportation, solid waste, off-road vehicles and equipment, agriculture, land use change, and wastewater.

Staff Recommendation: Drop the item from the agenda and re-notice for a future hearing date.

Staff Contact: David Morrison, PBES Director, (707) 253-4805 or or Jason R. Hade, AICP, Planner III, (707) 259-8757 or





CEQA Status:
Consideration and possible adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration and a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP). According to the proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and MMRP, the proposed project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts after implementation of mitigation measures. Mitigation measures are proposed for the following areas: Biological Resources and Hydrology / Water Quality. The property is on the California Environmental Protection Agency’s list of hazardous sites (Government Code Section 65962.5), but is listed as a closed site. In 2005, there was a minor spill of chlorinated pesticides and/or hazardous material contamination in the soil. The spill was remediated and the site was closed in 2006, and is therefore not considered to have any potential significant environmental effect.

Request: Approval of a Use Permit to allow the construction of a new 100,000 gallon winery with the following characteristics: 1) Construction of a 33,702 sf winery building and a 1,200 sf attached covered crush pad; 2) Tours and tastings by appointment with a maximum of 40 visitors per weekday and 60 visitors on weekends/holidays for a maximum weekly total of 320 visitors; 3) A marketing program, which consists of two events per month for up to 30 people and four annual events for up to 150 people. Portable restrooms to be provided for events over 90 people; 4) Establishment of commercial catering kitchen for food and wine pairing activities; 5) Provision of food and wine pairings for the tours and tastings; 6) Employment of four full time and three part time employees; 7) Establishment of hours of operation: Monday through Sunday - visitation 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., and non-harvest production 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; 8) On premises consumption of wines produced on site within the winery building and adjacent patio areas in accordance with Business and Professions Code Sections 23358, 23390 and 23396.5; 9) Construction of 12 parking spaces and provision of valet parking for events on the crush pad and outdoor work areas; 10) Improvement of the southern existing driveway dedicated to winery visitors in conformance with the Napa County Road and Street Standards. The northern driveway to be dedicated for agricultural purposes, employees and production activities of the winery; 11) Construction of a new entry gate and winery signage for the southern driveway; 12) Replacement of the existing wooden bridge with a clearspan bridge in compliance with California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Napa County Conservation Regulations; 13) Construction of an on-site wastewater system with disposal of treated wastewater on vineyards on the adjacent 26 acre parcel (APN: 043-040-003); 14) On-site water storage tanks and utilizing the existing connection to the Congress Valley Water Department and/or well on the adjacent parcel (APN 043-061-022). A Variance application (P14-000331-VAR) is also requested to allow construction of the winery 178 feet within the 600 foot winery setback of Old Sonoma Road. The project is located on an approximately 11.52 acre parcel, within the AW: Agricultural Watershed zoning district approximately 1,320 feet south of Congress Valley Road and Old Sonoma Road intersection approximately 225 feet on the east side of the Old Sonoma Road located at 4062 Old Sonoma Road, Napa CA.; APN: 043-040-001 (Currently: APN 043-040-028). The project will rely on the adjacent 26 acre vineyard parcel (APN: 043-040-003; Currently: 043-0040-029) to dispose of the treated wastewater and utilize the existing connection to the Congress Valley Water Department and/or well on the adjacent parcel (APN 043-061-022).

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Mitigation Negative Declaration and MMRP and approve the Variance and Use Permit, as conditioned.

Staff Contact:
Charlene Gallina, Supervising Planner, (707) 299-1355 or

Applicant Contact: Katherine Philippakis, Esq. and Kirsty Shelton Gerosa; Farella, Braun + Martel; 899 Adams Street, St. Helena, Napa, CA 94574; (707) 967-4000; &

Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 56 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval and Final Agency Approval Memos ( Adobe PDF - 1109 kb )
C Updated Initial Study/Mitigation Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF - 26594 kb )
D Public Comments ( Adobe PDF - 3903 kb )
E Public Comment - Davidon Homes & Perkins Coie ( Adobe PDF - 14383 kb )
F Use Permit Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 4588 kb )
G Variance Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 394 kb )
H Water Availability Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 24890 kb )
I Wastewater Feasibility Study ( Adobe PDF - 13918 kb )
J Traffic Study ( Adobe PDF - 877 kb )
K Geotechnical Study Report ( Adobe PDF - 6213 kb )
L Stormwater Control Plan & BMPs ( Adobe PDF - 19167 kb )
M Applicant's Response to Public Comments ( Adobe PDF - 43764 kb )
N Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 9334 kb )
O Winery Comparison Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 105 kb )
P Public Comment Received After Mail-Out (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 1923 kb )
Q Correspondence Received At/After Meeting (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 26777 kb )



CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of a Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Negative Declaration, the proposed project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts. The project site is not included on a list of hazardous materials sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval of a request for an exception to the Napa County Conservation Regulations (County Code Chapter 18.108), in the form of a Use Permit, in order to allow portions of a new, 20-foot wide, asphalt-paved driveway and adjacent retaining walls to encroach into the minimum required 45- and 55-foot creek setbacks from the top of bank of Hagen Creek. The proposed new driveway would provide access from Hagen Road to the Rodde Residence located at 4100 Hagen Road, Napa (Assessor’s Parcel No. 049-270-013), within a 25-foot wide access easement adjacent to the southern boundary of an adjoining vineyard parcel at 4028 Hagen Road, Napa (Assessor’s Parcel No. 049-270-014). Both properties are approximately two miles east of the City of Napa municipal boundary, have a General Plan land use designation of Agriculture, Watershed and Open Space (AWOS), and are located in the Agricultural Watershed (AW) zoning district.

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Negative Declaration and approve the Use Permit Exception request, subject to conditions.

Staff Contact: Dana Ayers, Planner III; phone (707) 253-4388; email

Applicant: Scott Rodde; phone (707) 486-3950; email

Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 40 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval and Final Agency Approval Memos ( Adobe PDF - 225 kb )
C Initial Study / Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF - 255 kb )
D Conservation Regulations Exception Request ( Adobe PDF - 9208 kb )
E Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 4298 kb )



CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of an Addendum to the previously adopted 2015 Subsequent Negative Declaration for Materra Winery. Pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15164, an addendum to an adopted Subsequent Negative Declaration may be prepared if only minor technical changes or additions are necessary or if none of the conditions contained in Section 15162 calling for preparation of a Subsequent Negative Declaration have occurred. Analysis of the current modification proposal to increase annual wine production identified no new significant impacts of the current project proposal.This project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government code section 65962.5.

Request: Approval of a Use Permit Major Modification (P17-00156 – MOD) to: 1) Increase in the winery’s permitted annual production from 85,000 gallons of wine to 110,000 gallons of wine; 2) Modify the existing septic system on-site to include a new, 4,000-gallon, below-ground septic tank alongside the 5,000-gallons of underground tank storage area behind (east of) the new winery production building, in order to accommodate the additional process waste water from the proposed increase in production; and 3) Modify the allowed Marketing events to exclude the 25 and 50 person food and wine paring events from August 1 through October 31. The winery buildings and outdoor processing areas on-site would not and do not need to be expanded for sake of the production increase, and the project applicant is not requesting any increases be made to the winery’s approved parking, employment, or visitation and marketing programs. The 50-acre parcel on which the winery sits is located on the east side of Big Ranch Road near Oak Knoll Avenue, north of the City of Napa. The parcel is zoned AP (Agricultural Preserve) District; 4326 Big Ranch Road; Assessor’s Parcel No. 036-160-003.

Staff Recommendation: Adopt an Addendum to the Subsequent Negative Declaration and approve the requested Major Modification to the previously approved use permit, as conditioned.

Staff Contact: Graham Hannaford, Planner II, phone 707-299-1361 or email

Applicant: Cunat Premium Vineyards, LLC, phone 815-385-3871 or email

Applicant’s Representative: Beth Painter, Balanced Planning, phone 707-287-9089 or email

Supporting Documents
A Reccomended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 37 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval ( Adobe PDF - 418 kb )
C Previous Conditions of Approval ( Adobe PDF - 12048 kb )
D Recommended CEQA Addendum ( Adobe PDF - 153 kb )
E Previous Negative Declaration/ Initial Study ( Adobe PDF - 392 kb )
F Application Material ( Adobe PDF - 918 kb )
G Water Availability Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 3300 kb )
H Revised Wastewater Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 2477 kb )
I Traffic Study ( Adobe PDF - 2172 kb )
J Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 1246 kb )
K Winery Comparison Charts ( Adobe PDF - 104 kb )