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Planning Commission 7/5/2017 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status:
Pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21080.17, the adoption of this ordinance implementing Government Code Section 65852.2 is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act.

Request: Consideration and recommendation for adoption of a County sponsored ordinance to conform County Zoning regulations with State Law (Senate Bill 1069 and Assembly Bill 2299) as it pertains to Accessory Dwelling Units.

Title of Ordinance: Ordinance of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Napa, State of California, amending Sections 18.08.550 (Second Unit), 18.10.020 (Duties - Specific Subjects), 18.104.180 (Second Unit Attached To Or Detached From An Existing Dwelling), 18.110.030 (Number Of Parking Spaces Required), as they relate to second units and adding section 18.08.551 (Second Unit, Interior)

Staff Recommendation: Recommend that the Board of Supervisors find that the proposed project is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21080.17, and adopt the proposed ordinance.

Staff Contact: John McDowell, (707) 299-1354 or

Supporting Documents
A Proposed Ordinance ( Adobe PDF - 178 kb )
B Proposed Ordinance - Tracked Changes ( Adobe PDF - 278 kb )
C CalFire ADU Bulletin ( Adobe PDF - 837 kb )
D Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Map ( Adobe PDF - 161 kb )



CEQA Status: Recommend the Planning Commission find that pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15168 the proposed project is within the scope of the previously certified 2008 General Plan Update program-level EIR prepared for the 2008 General Plan Update and it adequately describes the project for the purposes of CEQA, there have been no changes to the General Plan or program-level EIR, no changes to circumstances, and no new information of substantial importance that would necessitate supplemental environmental review.

Request: Napa County proposes to adopt a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to identify measures and actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions consistent with State and regional guidance. A CAP is a document that includes policies, measures, and strategies to improve the health, safety, mobility, and livability of the greater community. The objectives of a CAP are to reduce GHGs, streamline CEQA review by serving as a "qualified GHG reduction plan," and prioritize measures to comply with California environmental and land use planning laws. The CAP provides measures, also referred to as GHG reduction strategies in the sectors of building energy, on road transportation, solid waste, off road vehicles and equipment, agriculture, land use change, and wastewater as further described in Chapter 3 of the CAP.

This CAP provides a comprehensive roadmap to address the challenges of climate change in unincorporated Napa County. Acting on climate change means both reducing GHG emissions from local sources in the unincorporated county and helping the community to adapt to climate change and improve the communities' resilience to climate change over the long term.

The key components of the climate action planning process represented in this CAP are: a baseline GHG emissions inventory; GHG emissions forecasts and reduction targets; local GHG emissions and reduction strategies and measures; a climate change vulnerability assessment; and implementation and monitoring mechanisms.

Staff Recommendation: Consider the Final Draft CAP and forward a recommendation for adoption to the Board of Supervisors.

Staff Contact: David Morrison, PBES Director, (707) 253-4805 or or Jason R. Hade, AICP, Planner III, (707) 259-8757 or


Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 16 kb )
B Final Draft Climate Action Plan ( Adobe PDF - 15895 kb )
C Appendices ( Adobe PDF - 8774 kb )
D CEQA Memorandum ( Adobe PDF - 503 kb )
E Public Comments ( Adobe PDF - 30870 kb )
F Master Responses to Public Comments Received on Public Review Draft CAP ( Adobe PDF - 211 kb )
G Final Draft Climate Action Plan - Redline Version ( Adobe PDF - 30686 kb )
H Public Comments - Received 06-27 to 6-30-17 (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 222 kb )
I Public Comments- Received 07/01 to 07/03 (Added after initial agenda posting) ( Adobe PDF - 1211 kb )
J Public Comments- Received 07/04 to 07/05 (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 6659 kb )
K Public Comments- Received After 07/05 Meeting (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 452 kb )