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Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee 7/27/2015 Regular Meeting

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This meeting is being conducted by the Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee and County staff to allow for input, discussion, and tentative recommendation regarding proposals for amending the County Zoning Code.  The focus of this meeting concerns: (1) variances; (2) code compliance; and (3) issues related to these topics. 

Supporting Documents
A Attachment A - Revised Proposal X ( Microsoft Word Document - 21 kb )
B Corrected - Draft June 22, 2015 Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 199 kb )
C Draft July 13, 2015 Minutes ( Adobe PDF - 92 kb )
D Correspondence received ( Adobe PDF - 1389 kb )
E Attachment E - Staff Responses to Farm Bureau Questions ( Microsoft Word Document - 270 kb )
F Attachment F - WDO EIR Mitigation Measures ( Microsoft Word Document - 43 kb )