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Planning Commission 2/6/2019 Regular Meeting

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Consideration and possible adoption of Categorical Exemptions Class 3: It has been determined that this type of project does not have a significant effect on the environment and is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act. [See Section 15303(d), Class 3 which may be found in the guidelines for the implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act at 14 CCR §15303; see also Napa County’s Local Procedures for Implementing the California Environmental Quality Act, Section 504, Categorical Exemptions]. This project is not on any lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

REQUEST: Approval of a request for a Use Permit to: 1) Construct a 127 ft. tall telecommunication facility designed to look like a pine tree (commonly referred to as a “monopine”); 2) install up to nine (9) antennas with associated equipment; 3) place the tower and associated equipment within an approximately 28 ft. by 38 ft. lease area; 4) construct two concrete pads totaling approximately 150 square feet containing a backup diesel generator and ancillary ground mounted equipment; and 5) install an approximately 100 ft. long by 12 ft. wide all weather access road connecting to the existing vineyard access road.

The project is located in the southwest quadrant of an approximately 300.1 acre property within the AW (Agricultural Watershed) zoning district, and will be placed on a ridgeline approximately 630 ft. above, and 940 ft. north of Sage Canyon Road (State Route 128) at its nearest point. Access to the site will be via an existing approximately 1.0 mile long private access road and approximately 0.9 mile long vineyard access road with a site address of 2470 Sage Canyon Road; APN: 032-010-097.

Staff Recommendation: Find the project Categorically Exempt and approve the Use Permit based on the attached findings and subject to recommended conditions.

Staff Contact: John McDowell, Planner, 707-299-1354,

Applicant Contact: Tom Johnson, TSJ Consulting Inc., 925-785-3727,

Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 24 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval and Agency Memos ( Adobe PDF - 590 kb )
C CEQA Memo ( Adobe PDF - 112 kb )
D Application Materials ( Adobe PDF - 4717 kb )
E Cellular Coverage Map and NIER Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 5988 kb )
F Visual Simulations ( Adobe PDF - 1100 kb )
G Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 6294 kb )
H 7A Correspondence (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 377 kb )



Request: Provide information to the Planning Commission regarding the progress of draft proper and accepted customs and standards for the operation of propane cannons and other audible frightening devices used within Napa County agricultural lands.

Staff Recommendation: Napa County Agricultural Commissioner and Director of Planning and Environmental Services (PBES) seek to inform the Planning Commission of progress on the development of proper accepted customs and standards for propane cannons and other audible frightening devices as referenced in the Napa County Right to Farm 2.94.020. Establishing accepted customs and standards will allow Code Enforcement to pursue violations not consistent with proper use.

Staff Contact: Humberto Izquierdo, Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights & Measures, (707) 253-4357 or

Supporting Documents
A Draft Standards-Cannons ( Microsoft Word Document - 24 kb )
B 8A Correspondence.pdf (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 5311 kb )