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Napa County Legislative Subcommittee 4/9/2018 Regular Meeting

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MINUTES OF March 26, 2018

Supporting Documents
A Minutes-March 26, 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 342 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on HR 4779 (Lee) known as the Restraining Excessive Federal Enforcement and Regulations of Cannabis (REFER) Act of 2018, a bill that would limit funds made available to any Department or Agency of the United States from being used to interfere with a State or unit of local government implementing or maintaining its State law or regulations that authorizes the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of cannabis.

Supporting Documents
A HR 4779-Text ( Adobe PDF - 138 kb )
B Cannabis Rights Letter ( Adobe PDF - 1041 kb )
C HR 975 Text ( Adobe PDF - 238 kb )
D HR 2215 Text ( Adobe PDF - 247 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on AB 2380 (Aguiar-Curry), a bill that will require the Governor's Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CALFIRE) to collaborate on guidelines and regulations governing the operations of private firefighting resources contracted in the state, as well as the use and marking of private firefighting equipment.

Supporting Documents
A AB2380-Fact Sheet ( Adobe PDF - 233 kb )
B AB 2380 Text ( Adobe PDF - 196 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on the Governor's Budget proposal to eliminate the 340B Drug Discount Program from Medi-Cal which provides medications to vulnerable patients. 

Supporting Documents
A Coalition/CSAC Opposition Letter ( Adobe PDF - 561 kb )
B Queen of the Valley Opposition Letter ( Adobe PDF - 333 kb )
C Queen of the Valley Fact Sheet ( Adobe PDF - 504 kb )


Legislative Tracking Document as of April 3, 2018

Supporting Documents
A Legislative Tracking Document-As of April 3, 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 475 kb )