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Napa County Legislative Subcommittee 3/26/2018 Special Meeting

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County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on SB 1088 (Dodd), a bill that would require the Office of Emergency Services to adopt standards for reducing risks during a major emergency and require each electrical and gas corporation, beginning January 15, 2019 and every two years thereafter, to prepare and submit a safety, reliability, and resiliency plan.

Supporting Documents
A SB 1088-Text ( Adobe PDF - 262 kb )


County Executive Officer and Director of Health and Human Services Agency request discussion and possible action on AB 1795 (Gipson), a bill that seeks to authorize local emergency medical services agencies to submit, as part of their emergency services plan, a plan to transport specified patients to a community care facility in lieu of transportation to a general acute care hospital.

Supporting Documents
A AB 1795-Fact Sheet ( Adobe PDF - 303 kb )
B AB 1795-Text ( Adobe PDF - 206 kb )


County Executive Officer seeks discussion and possible action on AB 2310 (Aguiar-Curry), a bill that makes clarifying changes to Government Code Section 20516 to allow Napa County and other impacted jurisdictions to amend a CalPERS contract by referring to the terms in a signed and executed memorandum of understanding with an employee bargaining group.  

Supporting Documents
A AB 2310 Text ( Adobe PDF - 201 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on AB 1909 (Nazarian), a bill that would require the California Department of Social Services to translate all web content and notices to In-Home Supportive Services providers in the State's threshold languages.

Supporting Documents
A AB 1909-Fact Sheet ( Adobe PDF - 142 kb )
B AB 1909-Text ( Adobe PDF - 142 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion and possible action on SB 1144 (Dodd), a bill that would increase civil fines to refineries for emissions that present a serious threat to the health and welfare of the public.

Supporting Documents
A SB 1144-Fact Sheet ( Adobe PDF - 255 kb )
B SB 1144-Text ( Adobe PDF - 161 kb )


Legislative Tracking Document as of March 20, 2018

Supporting Documents
A Legislative Tracking Document-As of March 20, 2018 ( Adobe PDF - 455 kb )