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Napa County Legislative Subcommittee 6/9/2017 Special Meeting

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MINUTES of May 8, 2017

Supporting Documents
A MINUTES - May 8, 2017 ( Adobe PDF - 219 kb )


Interim County Executive Officer requests discussion of and possible action on AB 668 (Gonzalez Fletcher), the Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2018, that would authorize the issuance and sale of $450 million in bonds for counties to purchase new voting systems or improve and update their current voting systems. This bill, if passed, will place a $450 million bond act on the June 5, 2018, statewide primary election ballot.



Interim County Executive Office requests discussion of and possible action on AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer), as amended on May 30, 2017, that would establish specific standards for the use of personal services contracts by counties and cities, requiring jurisdictions to conduct an audit to clearly demonstrate that a contract valued at $100,000 or more will result in savings based on specific factors.

Supporting Documents
A AB 1250 BILL TEXT ( Adobe PDF - 197 kb )
B AB 1250 Assembly Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 25 kb )
C AB 1250 - CSAC-RCRC Oppose Letter ( Adobe PDF - 238 kb )


2017 Legislative Tracking.

Supporting Documents
A 2017 - Napa County Legislative Tracking as of June 7, 2017 ( Adobe PDF - 116 kb )