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Napa County Legislative Subcommittee 5/8/2017 Regular Meeting

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Approval of minutes from April 17, 2017.

Supporting Documents
A MINUTES - April 17, 2017 ( Adobe PDF - 206 kb )


Napa County's federal advocates will lead a discussion of President Trump's April 26, 2017, Executive Order instructing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review any national monument created since January 1, 1996, that spans at least 100,000 acres. Included on the review list is the 330,780-acre Snow Mountain Berryessa National Monument, that includes part of Napa County.

Supporting Documents
A President Trump - Executive Order - Antiquities Act ( Adobe PDF - 35 kb )
B Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument proclamation ( Adobe PDF - 50 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion of and possible direction on the FY17 Federal Appropriations Bill and its potential impact on Napa County.

Supporting Documents
A FY17 Appropriations Bill ( Adobe PDF - 212 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion of and possible action on AB 441 (Frazier), a bill that prohibits a zoning ordinance of a city, county, or city and county from prohibiting an agricultural producer from operating a farm-to-table café.

Supporting Documents
A AB 441 - BILL TEXT ( Adobe PDF - 140 kb )
B ab 441 - FACT SHEET ( Adobe PDF - 449 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion of and possible action on AB 556 (Limon), as amended on April 24, 2017, a bill that gives local governments authority to increase fines for violations of event permit requirements. 

Supporting Documents
A AB 556 - Bill Text - amended April 24, 2017 ( Adobe PDF - 158 kb )


County Executive Officer seeks discussion and possible action on SB 649 (Hueso), a bill that seeks to establish an administrative permitting process not subject to public review and approval (including CEQA) for small cell wireless facilities and limit the fees that local governments may charge for those permits.

Supporting Documents
A SB 649 - BILL TEXT ( Adobe PDF - 177 kb )
B sb 649 - Senate Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 133 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion of and possible action on AB 1578 (Jones-Sawyer), a bill that prohibits a state or local agency, as defined, from using agency resources to assist a federal agency to investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person for marijuana activity that is authorized by law in the State of California and transferring an individual to federal law enforcement authorities for purposes of marijuana enforcement, unless directed to do so by a court order.

Supporting Documents
A AB 1578 - Marijuana Federal-State regulation ( Adobe PDF - 148 kb )
B AB 1578 - Marijuana Federal-State regulation - Assembly Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 22 kb )


County Executive Officer requests discussion of and possible action on AB 626 (Garcia), a bill that would allow the sale of food directly to consumers from private homes.

Supporting Documents
A AB 626 - BILL TEXT ( Adobe PDF - 223 kb )


Updated 2017 Legislative Tracking document, as of May 4, 2017.

Supporting Documents
A 2017 Legislative Tracking document, as of May 4, 2017 ( Adobe PDF - 101 kb )