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Planning Commission 9/21/2016 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration, the proposed project would have potentially significant effects on Biological Resources and Hydrology & Water Quality unless mitigation measures are adopted. The project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: A request for approval of a use permit to allow the construction of 130 personal storage units and common area contained in 11 buildings, where 128 units are to be sold as individual storage condominiums. The request also includes approval a modification of Tentative Map #P09-00100-PM to create 128 condominium storage units, one owner's common area, and one storage unit. The building area in total will be 152,348 sq.ft, concrete tilt-up construction, 26-35.3 feet in height, with an earth-toned pallet and stone accents. Frontage improvements include landscaping featuring trees, native plants, boulders and a 10' wide multi-use trail. In addition, seven restrooms are proposed, 13 parking stalls, an on-site waste disposal system, a new well and water system, and one storage tank. The 63-foot wide aisles will allow parking in front of each storage unit. Total site coverage would be 309,465 sq.ft. The site will be operated and maintained by an owners association (OA) of 128 owners. No employees are proposed. There will be covenants, conditions, and restrictions recorded on the property and enforced by the OA. The project proposes to utilize the same setback from Suscol Creek as the originally approved project and requests consideration of the same approved development exception to allow the 75-foot setback from Suscol Creek instead of the required 150-feet, with environmental enhancement of the site area within 75-feet of the creek. The project is located on a 10.32-acre parcel on the south side of Soscol Ferry Road, approximately 1400 feet west of its intersection with Napa-Vallejo Highway (State Route 12/29) within the Napa Valley Business Park Specific Plan (NVBPSP), and a GI:AC (General Industrial: Airport Compatibility) zoning district. APN: 057-170-018;1055 Soscol Ferry Rd., Napa, CA 94558.

Staff Recommendation: Continue the item to the regular meeting of October 5, 2016.

Staff Contact: Wyntress Balcher (707) 299-1351 or

Applicant Contact: Erik Bedford (707) 226-1458, and Beth Painter (707) 337-3385 or



Supporting Documents
A Applicant's request for continuance ( Adobe PDF - 162 kb )
B Correspondence received after packet mail out (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 298 kb )



CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of a Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Negative Declaration, the project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts. The project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval for a modification of the previous project approvals (Use Permit 03513-UP, Very Minor Modification #PO8-00196-MODVMIN, Very Minor Modification #P08-00635MODVIN, Very Minor Modification #P09-00334-VMOD, Very Minor Modification #P10-00025-VMM, Very Minor Modification #P11-00487-VMM, Minor Modification #P12-00434-MOD) for an existing 85,000 gallons per year winery to allow the following: (a) Increase production from 85,000 gallons to 102,000 gallons annually; (b) Increase daily tours and tastings by appointment from a maximum of 25 daily visitors and 75 weekly visitors to a maximum of 50 visitors Monday-Thursday and 100 visitors Friday-Sunday for the months May through October with a weekly maximum of 250 visitors; and for 50 visitors Monday-Thursday and 75 visitors Friday-Sunday for the months November through April with a weekly maximum of 150 (Tours and Tastings will not exceed 50 visitors on days when marketing events are held); (c) Modify the approved Marketing Plan from 25 events with 50 guests maximum per year and two (2) events with 150 guests maximum per year to 36 events per year with 50 guests maximum, four (4) events per year with 150 guests maximum, and two (2) events per year with 75 guests maximum; (d) Increase the number of employees from nine (9) full-time and two (2) part-time employees to 17 full-time and six (6) part-time seasonal employees; (e) On-site premises consumption of wines produced on site within the hospitality building and enclosed/outdoor patio spaces in accordance with Business and Professions Code Sections 23358, 23390 and 23396.5; (f) Expand the existing wastewater treatment and disposal systems to handle the increase in winery process wastewater; and (g) Removal of the previous condition of approval imposing a 25% winery production limitation on custom grape crush producers. The project also includes a Napa County Road and Streets Standards Exception request to the Public Works Director to allow for an exception to the requirement to install a left turn lane on Monticello Road. The project will incorporate specific operational characteristics designed to limit the number of trips turning left into the site, including directing daily and marketing event visitors to arrive from Napa. Additionally, the applicant has previously improved SR-121/Monticello Road in the form of an eight-foot wide shoulder along the north side of the road, a total length of 500 feet, centered on (and across from) the project entry driveway, based on Caltrans’ request at the time of the original development on the site. This widening provides an area where westbound traffic on Monticello Road can carefully bypass a waiting left- turning vehicle, if necessary. Pursuant to the Napa County Road and Street Standards, the approval authority for this exception is the Public Works Director because the exception is located within a public right of way. This request has been tentatively approved by the Public Works Department, as stated in their memo dated May 6, 2016. Formal action on this exception will be taken by the Public Works Director after the Planning Commission makes a decision on the Use Permit Modification application as a whole. There are no changes to the 53,145 sq. ft. existing winery facility, inclusive of 18,000 sq. ft. of existing wine caves, winery hours of operations (7:00 AM to 6:00 PM), visitation hours (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM), marketing event hours (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Fridays and on weekends, and from Noon to 2:30 PM on weekends) or increase in the number of parking spaces (22 spaces) as part of this proposal. The project is located on a 36.13 acre parcel, within the AW (Agricultural Watershed) zoning district on the west side of a private road approximately 3,500 feet south of its intersection with State Route 121/Monticello Road; 3200 Monticello Road, Napa CA 94558; APN: 033-110-075.

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Negative Declaration and approve the Use Permit Major Modification, as conditioned.

Staff Contact: Charlene Gallina, (707) 299-1355 or

Applicant Contact: Tom Adams, (707) 252-7122 or

Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 46 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval and Final Agency Approval Memos ( Adobe PDF - 874 kb )
C Previous Project Approvals ( Adobe PDF - 7743 kb )
D Initial Study/Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF - 2599 kb )
E Use Permit Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 1272 kb )
F Roads & Street Standards Exception Request ( Adobe PDF - 3106 kb )
G Traffic Study ( Adobe PDF - 2627 kb )
H Water Availability Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 12217 kb )
I Wastewater Feasibility Study ( Adobe PDF - 5856 kb )
J Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 1908 kb )
K Winery Comparison Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 104 kb )
L Correspondence received after packet mail out (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 282 kb )



CEQA Status:
Consideration and possible adoption of a Categorical Exemption pursuant to Section 15303 (d) of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Class 3, which exempts construction of new small structures or conversion of small structures. The project site is not included on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5.

REQUEST: Approval to: (1) construct a 65’ tall telecommunication facility designed as a faux water tower; (2) install up to twelve (12) panel antennas inside the proposed water tower; (3) install two (2) small GPS antennas at the ground mounted equipment level; and one 24” solid microwave dish on the tower at approximately 45’ above final grade; (4) place the tower and associated ground-mounted equipment within a 22’ by 22’ lease area (approximately 484 square feet) on the southwestern portion of the property; (5) install approximately 200’ of overhead line between the proposed facility and the closest existing power pole to the south; and (6) construct a 8’ tall wooden fence to screen the ground-mounted equipment; (7) install a 24-hour emergency diesel-powered back-up generator within the fenced lease area; (8) install emergency notification signs on the site; and (9) use existing roadways and parking areas to support the proposed facility. The facility would be located on the far southwest portion of an approximately 36.42-acre site on the east side of Highway 29, at the easterly terminus of Ragatz Lane and east of the intersection of Ragatz Lane and Trubody Lane, within an Agricultural Preserve (AP) zoning district, Assessor’s Parcel 036-120-001 at 1181 Ragatz Lane, Napa CA, 94562.

Staff Recommendation: Find the project Categorically Exempt and approve the Use Permit subject to recommended conditions.

Staff Contact: Jerry Haag, Staff Telecommunication Planning Consultant, 510-644-2105,; or John McDowell, Deputy Planning Director, 707-299-1354,

Applicant Contact: Peter Hilliard, On Air LLC, 707-933-9633,

Supporting Documents
A Recommended Findings ( Adobe PDF - 22 kb )
B Recommended Conditions of Approval ( Adobe PDF - 41 kb )
C CEQA Memorandum ( Adobe PDF - 142 kb )
D Telecom Site Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 2597 kb )
E Visual Simulation & Coverage Maps ( Adobe PDF - 1683 kb )
F Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 1753 kb )



CEQA Status:
The proposed amendment is consistent with the 2008 General Plan as adopted by Napa County, and is consistent with the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) as certified by Napa County for the General Plan. Therefore, pursuant to 14 California Code of Regulations (State California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines), Section 15183 (Projects Consistent with a Community Plan, General Plan, or Zoning), no additional environmental review is required and CEQA is not applicable.

Request: Consideration and recommendation for adoption of a County sponsored ordinance to conform the definition of agriculture in the Napa County Code with the definition of agriculture adopted in the 2008 Napa County General Plan (See Attachment A).

Title of Ordinance: An Ordinance of the Board of Supervisors of Napa County, State of California, Amending Sections 18.08.040, 18.16.030, 18.20.030, 18.64.030, and 18.104.220 of Title 18 (Zoning) of the Napa County Code Regarding the Definition of Agriculture.

Staff Recommendation: Recommend that the Board of Supervisors find that the proposed project falls within the scope of the General Plan Program EIR and adopt the proposed ordinance.

Staff Contact: David Morrison, Director, at (707-253-4805 or

Supporting Documents
A Attachment A - Agricultural Definition Ordinance ( Microsoft Word Document - 71 kb )
B Attachment B - Agricultural Definition Ordinance (red-line version) ( Microsoft Word Document - 72 kb )
C Correspondence received after packet mail out (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 2301 kb )