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Planning Commission 4/20/2016 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of a Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Negative Declaration, the proposed project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts. The project site is not included on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval of a use permit to construct a new concrete tilt-up building with approximately 82,080 square feet of floor area for a wine bottle labeling company that provides direct screen printing where ceramic paint is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and fired through a furnace, bottle etching and painting, hand-applied high-fired decals, and design services. The building includes approximately 37,206 square feet of manufacturing area, 37,207 square feet of warehouse area and 7,667 square feet of office area. Access would be provided from two new driveways on Technology Way. On-site parking for 134 vehicles, landscaping, and signage are also included with the proposal. The project site is comprised of two parcels that will be combined. The business would employ approximately 42-44 people. The project will connect to municipal water and sewer services provided by the City of American Canyon and the Napa Sanitation District, respectively.

The project is located on a 5.5 acre site on the east side of Technology Way, south of Morris Court in the Napa Valley Business Park Specific Plan (NVBPSP) area. The parcel is zoned Industrial Park: Airport Compatibility (IP:AC); Technology Way; Napa, California 94559; APN's 057-250-026 & 057-250-034.

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Negative Declaration and approve the Use Permit with the proposed conditions of approval.

Staff Contact: Sean Trippi (707) 299-1353, or

Applicant Contact: Andrew Kilpatrick (916) 825-9097 or

Supporting Documents
A Findings ( Adobe PDF - 38 kb )
B Conditions of Approval ( Adobe PDF - 61 kb )
C Agency Comments ( Adobe PDF - 5192 kb )
D Initial Study / Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF - 11146 kb )
E Public Comments ( Adobe PDF - 348 kb )
F Use Permit Application Packet ( Adobe PDF - 1138 kb )
G Biological Study ( Adobe PDF - 2565 kb )
H Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 4157 kb )



CEQA Status:
Consideration and possible adoption of a Revised Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Revised Negative Declaration, the project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts. The project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval to modify previous project approvals (Use Permit #U-93397, Use Permit #U-98501-MOD, Use Permit #P04-00427-MOD, and Use Permit #P10-00157-MOD) for the existing 240,000 gallons per year Winery to allow the following: 1) construction of a 3,047 sq. ft agricultural processing facility to process fruit from the existing orchard on-site, a 625 sq. ft. tasting room, and an 845 sq. ft porch to replace an existing 2,290 sq. ft. modular office building; 2) demolition of a 2,290 sq. ft modular office building; 3) increase the daily tours and tastings from approved 50 persons per day and 350 persons maximum per week, to 125 persons maximum per day Monday through Friday and 300 persons maximum per day on Saturday and Sunday, and a weekly maximum of 1,100 persons per week. Visitation hours will be modified from the existing hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM to 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM; 4) modify the existing approved Marketing Plan that allows for a total of three monthly events for up to 25 persons to add 52 weekly events for up to 20 persons, 12 monthly events to allow up to 150 persons (the winery would be closed to visitation on days when 150-person marketing events are scheduled during the day time), four quarterly events up to 500 persons (the winery would be closed to visitation on days when 500-person marketing events are scheduled), and participation in Auction Napa Valley; 5) upgrade the existing water system and wastewater treatment and disposal systems; 6) installation of four new water tanks totaling 35,000 gallons for fire suppression for improved domestic water supply system; 7) increase full time employees from four previously permitted to the existing 30 full-time employees and five part-time employees; and 8) the addition of 30 parking spaces for a total of 68 spaces.

The project also includes a request for an Exception to the Napa County Road and Streets Standards to allow an exception to install a left turn lane on Conn Creek Road. The project will instead incorporate shoulder widening along Conn Creek Road, and use of the driveway along Rutherford Road for employee access. Pursuant to the Napa County Road and Street Standards, the approval authority for this exception is the Public Works Director because the exception is located within a public right of way. That request was tentatively approved by the Public Works Department, as stated in their memo dated October 12, 2015. Formal action will be taken by the Public Works Director after the Planning Commission makes a decision on the Use Permit Modification application as a whole.

There are no changes to the gallons of wine produced as part of this proposal. The project is located at 8815 Conn Creek Road on a 38.92 acre parcel on the west side of Conn Creek Road between Silverado Trail and Rutherford Road, Rutherford, CA, within an AP (Agriculture Preserve) zoning district (Assessor’s Parcel # 030-090-033-000).

Staff Recommendation: Adopt the Revised Negative Declaration and approve the Use Permit Major Modification, as conditioned.

Staff Contact: Shaveta Sharma, (707) 299-1358 or

Applicant Contact: Jeff Redding, 2423 Renfrew Street, Napa, CA 94558; (707) 255-7375

Supporting Documents
A Winery Comparison Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 89 kb )
B Exhibit A- Findings ( Adobe PDF - 29 kb )
C Exhibit B- Conditions of Approval ( Adobe PDF - 65 kb )
D Agency comments ( Adobe PDF - 3199 kb )
E Previous Project Conditions ( Adobe PDF - 841 kb )
F Initial Study/Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF - 355 kb )
G Public Comments ( Adobe PDF - 2979 kb )
H Applicant Response to Public Comments ( Adobe PDF - 2875 kb )
I Use Permit application packet ( Adobe PDF - 1795 kb )
J Water Availability Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 291 kb )
K Wastewater Feasibility Study ( Adobe PDF - 3454 kb )
L Traffic Study ( Adobe PDF - 4519 kb )
M Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 5245 kb )
N Correspondence received after packet mail out (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 13195 kb )



CEQA Status:
The proposed action is not a project as defined by 14 California Code of Regulations 15378 (State CEQA Guidelines) and therefore CEQA is not applicable.

Request: Presentation about the status of General Plan Implementation and the annual report required by State law.

Staff Recommendation:
Receive an informational presentation about the status of General Plan implementation and the annual report required by State law. This report was forwarded to the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) back on April 1, 2016. The Commission may accept public comments, engage in discussion, and provide direction to staff as desired. No action is requested.

Staff Contact: Nancy Johnson, Housing & Community Development Program Manager at (707) 299-1352; and Shaveta Sharma, Planner III at (707) 299-1358;

Supporting Documents
A General Plan Annual Report 2015 - Cover Letter ( Microsoft Word Document - 214 kb )
B Housing Element Annual Report - HCD Form 2015 ( Adobe PDF - 80 kb )
C General Plan Implementation Summary ( Adobe PDF - 154 kb )
D Housing Element Implementation Summary ( Adobe PDF - 217 kb )