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Planning Commission 8/12/2015 Special Meeting

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California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Status:
Consideration and possible certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared for the proposed project. A Final Environmental Report (EIR) has been prepared and circulated. Prior to consideration of the associated Surface Mining Permit, the Planning Commission is required to review and consider the Final EIR and to certify that the Final EIR has been prepared in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the State CEQA Guidelines, and local procedures for implementing CEQA, and that the Final EIR reflects the County's independent judgment and analysis. The project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval of request for a Surface Mining Permit (SMP) P08-00337-SMP to modify the mining and reclamation plan and associated aggregate processing, production and sales as currently permitted under UP-128182, UP-27374, and County Agreement No. 2225 to allow: a) an approximate 110-acre expansion of the current surfacing mining and reclamation plan for a 35 year term; b) an increase in mining depth from approximately 300 feet and 150 feet above mean sea level (msl) to no greater than 50 feet above msl; c) an increase in production of aggregate materials from approximately 1 million tons per year to 1.3 million tons per year; and d) add Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) handling equipment to the existing asphalt batch plant and an increase in asphalt production up to 300,000 tons per year (inclusive of total annual production). This SMP would replace UP-128182, UP-27374, and County Agreement No. 2225, and bring existing and expanded mining and reclamation areas and associated aggregate processing, production and sales under one permit.

The project site is located on the east side of State Highway 221 (Napa-Vallejo Highway) at its intersection with Basalt Road and 2301 Napa-Vallejo Highway, within the unincorporated portion of Napa County within both the Industrial and Agricultural Watershed zoning districts. Assessor's Parcel Numbers (APNs) 045-360-005,046-370-012, -013, -015, -022, -025, 046-390-002, -003, and 046-450-071.

Staff Recommendation: Open public hearing, take testimony, deliberate and provide direction to Staff.

Staff Contact: Donald Barrella, 707-299-1338 or

Applicant Contact: Jennifer Gomez, 707-259-5728 or

Supporting Documents
A Background and DiscussionSyar Quarry ( Adobe PDF - 2473 kb )
B Master Responses to Comments June 2015 ( Adobe PDF - 26706 kb )
C Alternatives Analysis Memo July 2015 ( Adobe PDF - 6067 kb )
D Resolution Certifying Environmental Impact Report ( Adobe PDF - 146 kb )
E General Plan and Zoning Consistency Analysis ( Adobe PDF - 2915 kb )
F Draft Surface Mining Permit Findings ( Adobe PDF - 154 kb )
G Draft Conditions of Approval July 2015 ( Adobe PDF - 15940 kb )
H Correspondence April 1 through August 3 ( Adobe PDF - 7302 kb )
I Previous Commission Staff Reports ( Adobe PDF - 14 kb )
J Graphics ( Adobe PDF - 15512 kb )
K Correspondence Received after packet mail out (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF - 3055 kb )