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Planning Commission 6/4/2014 Regular Meeting

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CEQA Status:
A Negative Declaration (ND) previously prepared and adopted on January 10, 2012, analyzed the potential impacts of the 60-room hotel expansion. The hotel expansion is within the scope of the analysis of the previously adopted ND. The proposed additions to the hotel conference room and breakfast areas are Categorically Exempt pursuant to State CEQA Guidelines Section 15301, Class 1, which exempts minor additions and alterations to an existing structure and the proposed carports are Categorically Exempt pursuant to Section 15303, Class 3, which exempts the construction of accessory structures including carports. The project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government Code Sec. 65962.5.

Request: Approval of a use permit modification to revise the previously approved master site development plan as follows: (1) construct a 38,112 sq. ft. addition to the Springhill Suites hotel to accommodate 60 new guest rooms with a 1,942 sq. ft. enclosed breezeway connecting the second and third floors of the existing hotel to the new rooms; (2) construct a 760 sq. ft. addition to the hotel's conference room; (3) construct a 673 sq. ft. addition to the hotel's breakfast room; (4) construct twelve new solar panel/carport structures over approximately 123 existing parking spaces in the proximity of the hotel; (5) increase the amount of approved floor area for restaurant uses from 10,348 sq. ft. to 10,700 sq. ft.; (6) reduce the amount of approved floor area for retail uses from 55,897 sq. ft. to 29, 523 sq. ft.; (7) reduce the amount of approved floor area for office uses from 41,482 sq. ft. to 25,643 sq. ft.; (8) provide a total of 396 parking spaces; and, (9) landscape improvements and signage. Subsequent lot line adjustments will be required to accommodate the revised site plan layout. The proposal also includes a variation to Napa Valley Business Park Specific Plan standards to allow reduced setbacks from interior lot lines to facilitate the revised building footprints/site plan layout and a parking reduction based on a shared parking arrangement consistent with previous approvals. The project is connected to municipal water and sewer services provided by the City of American Canyon and the Napa Sanitation District, respectively. The project site is located on approximately 12.4 acres on the northwest corner of the intersection of State Highway 29 and Airport Boulevard, within an Industrial Park: Airport Compatibility (IP:AC) zoning district. (Assessor’s Parcels: 057-200-015, 016, 019, 017, 018, 019, 023, 024, 025, & 026). 101 Gateway Road East, Napa.

Staff Recommendation: That the Planning Commission find the hotel expansion within the scope of the analysis of the previously approved Negative Declaration and that the increase in floor area and carports are categorically exempt and approve the requested use permit modification as conditioned.

Staff Contact: Sean Trippi, (707) 299-1353,

Applicant Contact: William Maston, William Maston Architect & Associates, (650) 968-7900,


Supporting Documents
A Staff Report of May 7, 2014 ( Adobe PDF Document - 1329 kb )
B Correspondence received at the meeting of 6-4-14 (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF Document - 4527 kb )



CEQA Status:
Consideration and recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration. According to the Mitigated Negative Declaration, the proposed project would have, if mitigation measures are not included, potentially significant environmental impacts in the following areas: Biological Resources and Transportation/Traffic.  This project site is not on any of the lists of hazardous waste sites enumerated under Government code section 65962.5

Request: Approval of a specific plan amendment and use permit to construct a fueling depot and approximately 3,400 sq. ft. convenience market on an approximately 3 acre portion of a 6.37 acre industrial property within the Napa Valley Business Park. In addition to gasoline and diesel fuel pumps, the facility will include pumps and/or stations for alternative fuels including electric vehicle chargers, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), propane, and diesel emissions fuels (DEF). Site layout features two driveway connections to Devlin Road with retail fueling canopy and convenience market on the eastern portion of the site. The western portion of the site will contain a truck/vehicle card lock fueling terminal with canopy. Water is provided by the City of American Canyon and sewer is provided by Napa Sanitation District.  The project is located on the west side of Devlin Road, approximately 2,350 ft. southeast of its intersection with Soscol Ferry Road within the IP:AC (Industrial Park:Airport Compatibility) zoning designation.  (APN: 057-020-033)  221 Devlin Road, Napa.

Staff Recommendation: That the Planning Commission conduct a public hearing and forward a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on the requested actions.

Staff Contact: John McDowell, (707) 299-1354,

Supporting Documents
A Proposed Findings for Approval ( Microsoft Word Document - 48 kb )
B Proposed Conditions of Approval ( Microsoft Word Document - 44 kb )
C Department and Agency Conditions ( Adobe PDF Document - 954 kb )
D Mitigated Negative Declaration ( Adobe PDF Document - 419 kb )
E Application and Narrative ( Adobe PDF Document - 592 kb )
F Greenhouse Gas Checklist ( Adobe PDF Document - 491 kb )
G Biological Assessment ( Adobe PDF Document - 2080 kb )
H Traffic Study ( Adobe PDF Document - 2661 kb )
I Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan ( Adobe PDF Document - 1866 kb )
J Hazardous Materials Spill Prevention Plan ( Adobe PDF Document - 1300 kb )
K General Plan and Zoning Graphics ( Adobe PDF Document - 1084 kb )
L Site Plans, Floor Plans, Building Elevations ( Adobe PDF Document - 1191 kb )
M Revised Driveway Design ( Adobe PDF Document - 923 kb )
N Colored Renderings ( Adobe PDF Document - 1111 kb )
O Correspondence received at the meeting of 6-4-14 (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF Document - 3670 kb )



CEQA Status: Consideration and possible adoption of a Negative Declaration. According to the proposed Negative Declaration the proposed project would not have any potentially significant environmental impacts. The project site is not included on a list of hazardous materials sites compiled pursuant to Government Code Section 65962.5.

Request: Approval of a use permit application to establish a new winery with an annual production capacity of 100,000 as follows: (1) Construct a new 11,000 ± sq. ft. wine production facility, including a 4,164 sq. ft. covered tank pad and a 4,164 sq. ft. covered crush pad for a total of 19,328 sq. ft.; construct a new 816± sq. ft. storage building; and construct a new 1,360± sq. ft. administrative office building with conference rooms; (2) Relocate an existing driveway and construct a new 20’ wide driveway to the new office building; (3) Relocate an existing greenhouse for the construction of a new 7-space employee parking lot and expand an existing farm stand visitor parking area from 4 to 12 spaces, for a total of 19 parking spaces on-site; (4) Use an existing, 2,400± sq. ft., open-air pavilion for tastings and marketing; (5) Remodel an existing restroom for use by visitors and employees; (6) Allow hosted daily tours and tastings for wine trade personnel and consumers by appointment only for a maximum 50 persons per day and a maximum 350 visitors/week in the open air pavilion; (7) Allow on-premise consumption of the wines produced on-site pursuant to the Evans Bill (AB2004) in the Pavilion or on the south porch of the winery; (8) Employ up to 9 people for the winery, 6 full-time, 3 part-time; (9) Install a new on-site winery process and domestic wastewater treatment system; (10) Install a transient non-community water system; (11) Remove an existing barn; (12) Establish hours of operation from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (production hours) and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (visitation hours), 7-days a week; (13) New landscaping and signage; (14) Establish a Marketing Program: 24 private promotional tastings and meals per year for a maximum of 35 people per event; Two (2) harvest party events per year for a maximum of 100 guests at each event, between the hours of 10:00AM and 11:00PM:  Six (6) marketing events such as barrel tastings, auctions and other social events, including meals and music, 6 times per year for up to 60 people in the Pavilion or on the south porch of the winery. The application also includes a variance request pursuant to County Code Section 18.104.230, to allow construction of the proposed wine production building 380± feet from State Highway 29, the administrative office building 160± feet from State Highway 29; and the winery equipment storage building 260± feet from State Highway 29 in lieu of the required minimum 600-ft winery setback. The project is located on a 30± acre parcel on the east side of State Highway 29, approximately ¼-mile north of the State Highway 29 / State Route 128 intersection, within the AP (Agricultural Preserve) zoning district; 1790 St. Helena Highway South, Rutherford, CA 94573; APN: 030-100-016.

Staff Recommendation:  Adopt the Negative Declaration and approve the Variance request and Use Permit as conditioned.

Staff Contact: Wyntress Balcher (707) 299-1351;

Applicant Contact: Jon Webb, Albion Surveys, Inc., (707) 963-1217;

Supporting Documents
A EXHIBIT A - BACKGROUND ( Microsoft Word Document - 31 kb )
B Exhibit B - Findings ( Adobe PDF Document - 156 kb )
C Exhibit C - Conditions ( Adobe PDF Document - 180 kb )
D Division-Department Comments ( Adobe PDF Document - 1225 kb )
E Public Correspondence ( Adobe PDF Document - 159 kb )
F Draft Negative Declaration ( Microsoft Word Document - 368 kb )
G Application ( Adobe PDF Document - 2010 kb )
H Traffic Impact Report ( Adobe PDF Document - 1080 kb )
I Water Availability ( Adobe PDF Document - 867 kb )
J Water & Wastewater Systems ( Adobe PDF Document - 1617 kb )
K Graphics ( Adobe PDF Document - 4161 kb )
L Correspondence received at the meeting of 6-4-14 (Added after meeting) ( Adobe PDF Document - 2138 kb )